Dim Sum to go?

Looking for best option to get a nice variety of legit dim sum to go. Most places I have been looking at including my faves in SGV have a very limited menu if they are even still doing Dim Sum during the Pandemic. Will go anywhere in LA or OC. Suggestions? My favorite used to be Sea Harbor but I read they are very limited now. My plan B is NBC if y’all can’t help me, but hoping for a better option. Thanks

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I know Lunasia in Alhambra is offering dim sum to go, but I’m not sure about their current selection.

We actually got dinner from there about 5 weeks ago ago. We [used to] like this restaurant. But the food we received was definitely not up to their usual standards. They really messed up the order and we couldn’t eat the large majority of it, it was that bad. We will go back again when things go back to normal.

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Lunasia in Pasadena post their full dim sum menu. As of 2 pm Friday there were about a dozen orders ready for pick up. They’re taking orders by phone, on line, or in person, but if you order in person you can expect a wait. Payment is cards only.

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While I haven’t been there since last week’s reopening, somebody posted the menu from Tang Gong in Monterey Park. While it’s not their pre-pandemic menu, I was surprised at the variety they did have.

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thanks I will check it out!

I know it does not get a lot of love her but I really like Bao Dim Sum on Beverly in West Hollywood. Very large menu.

Anybody gonna bite the bullet? Im actually very curious but I’m going to wait for the weather to cool down a bit first.

Last time I was there a couple of years ago I was surprised by the number of Chinese diners there, particularly compared to my visit years previously when there were none besides myself. Is that still the case, or was my last visit just a statistical quirk?

In general, I like Bao. It is about knowing what to order. Some of their stuff is legit, very good. They use higher quality ingredients vs many SGV places. However, a lot of it is too westernized.


Bao also has a very limited happy hour. Not sure if they are doing takeout hh. But some items were a pretty good deal.

My parents picked up dim sum from Lunasia a few weeks ago. A+ on packaging and ease of ordering and pickup. C on taste. Selection was also understandably limited since maybe it’s not worth it for them to make less popular items. For example, no pork blood cubes :frowning:

Here’s another one.

Picture borrowed from Facebook

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i had dim sum at atlantic and was completely underwhelmed by the experience. i can’t imagine the impact of the quarantine improving the quality.

It’s indeed a run-of-the-mill dim sum restaurant that’s slightly worse than that of Capital Seafood a block down the street.

i was thinking i’d rather go to yum cha cafe for better QPR - but even YCC has boosted their prices…

Family Pastry in Chinatown has raised prices as much as 60 to 70 percent. Clearly the economics of this sector have changed.

in light of what happened with sam woo recently, i wonder how much higher prices might go if employers have been underpaying workers and eventually get busted.