Din Tai Fung Pork Chop Downhill Alert?

Past few times at the OC one I noticed that they no longer do the bone in pork chop. At first I thought it was an exception or they ran out of bone in. Now it seems like that’s the new standard here. Which is a shame because the pork chop is drier. Especially painful because it used to be the best thing on the menu.

Can anyone verify if the other DTF locations switched to the boneless pork chop or if they still do bone in?

I encountered the same thing last time I was there a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe they think the folks in the OC are too used to eating meat without bones.

folks in the OC are meat without bones

Funny Porthos I was just going to lunch there today before I was cancelled on :confused: I’ll be there soon to find out

Went to the Glendale one a few weeks ago and it was boneless as well. It was good, but a little dry.

Ditto the new Santa Anita Mall location. The pork chops were boneless and on the dry side. Perhaps serving them with a sauce will help.

I’m going to the Santa Anita location for a girls birthday lunch tomorrow. My sister is a vegetarian and is loving their veggie items. I am not a vegetarian, but not a big pork eater either. Has anyone tried other menu items: noodles, rice, chicken dumplings?


I like their shrimp and pork wontons in spicy sauce


Shrimp fried rice
Chicken soup
Green beans


Those really do look great. I wonder if I can get them in shrimp or chicken only :relaxed:.

Edit: The sauce too!

Not wonton but they do have chicken dumplings. Incidentally Mrs. Chandavkl went to Santa Anita yesterday for lunch and there was zero waiting, contrasted to the Costa Mesa location. Probably due to a combination of the huge size of the Santa Anita location and many more nearby Chinese food options.

The fried rice is well made…airy and eggy.

For noodles, get the Shanghai Rice Cakes!

Also it ain’t a Chinese meal without a plate of greens!

We like their stir-fried noodles (we get them with pork but you can get chicken or vegetarian). We aren’t fans of their fried rice, but I know a lot of people like it. The sauteed greens are all good (we like the green beans the best).

I was not particularly fond of the veggie dumplings I got from DTF Glendale.

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Thanks @chandavkl -

I saw those chicken dumplings in the gallery of their website. They were definitely on my list to order. I say “were” because it looks like this lunch is falling apart. Birthday girl has the flu.

But after looking at the menu and conversing with you guys I kinda’ have my heart set on going. So, I’m putting my car in the shop in Arcadia soon. Don’t ask. Husband is insisting this one shop is the only place that will do my car properly. Have I mentioned we live in the Miracle Mile/Mid-City area? :rolling_eyes:. Anyway, I read so much about the area on FTC and am actually looking forward to it. I used to live in Pasadena, but rarely make it out that way now. I want to make the most of it. Without going too far off-topic - would this be the one place you guys would go or do you have other suggestions? It doesn’t have to be dumplings.


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Yes and yes and yes. They all looked great on the website. Those greens in particular probably attracted my veggie sister.

This is killing me. Because these items you all are mentioning are the exact ones that looked sooo good on the menu.

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Hi @TheCookie,

You could also stop by Howlin Rays on the way there. :wink:


I would leave it at that. But was informed I needed to add more. “my body wasn’t descriptive enough”.

And is the stand-alone restaurant still just down the street?