DineLA 2020

Figured we might as well start the thread.

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Deleting my content for this restaurant.

I’d rather not publicly disclose the reason, but FTCers can PM me if they want to know why.


I moved it to LA just now.


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No. Anyone can move topics around.

I’m just a regular member and not the mod for sure. I believe anyone can do this.

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Had the DineLA menu at Saddlepeak Lodge this past Saturday. Only one pic because it was a special occasion meal planned without any knowledge that it was DineLA time. Still hot as #$&! outside at 7pm, but that’s not the restaurant’s fault. Garden area is still lovely as ever. If you like the choices on the DineLA menu it’s a good deal, even with the $20 supplement for the game trio, as it’s the exact same components and portion size as the regular menu item. Tomato salad was pretty and fresh, although heavy on what seemed to be chili oil (menu said mustard I think). No complaints about the bread pudding, which was the only dessert option