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I think Redbird only does lunch on Friday.

Their lunch menu works for weekend brunch, too. :slight_smile:

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I will also recommend MB Post, which is offering a choice of any four items from its DineLA menu for $39. This includes the new for DineLA, and quite good, porchetta as well as several stalwarts from the regular menu. Portions are full size so quite easy to fill up on the four.


So Papilles posted a shot of their rendition to their 'gram, any of the other Duck l’Orange experts think it looks worthy of trying out?



That looks pretty tasty, but when I think of Duck a l’Orange it is a 1/2 duck with a ton of crispy skin that comes to mind.
Comme ca:


I’d say that’s a very modern take on a duck a l’orange. Looks good though.

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Yeah, it looks nothing like the other versions I have seen, so I am wondering how it is even the proper dish? Is it an orange cream sauce? I find it kind of confusing, but I am sort of intrigued enough to go try it. It seems like the Papilles guys have been good at working with duck in the past?

Duck a la Creamsicle

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Seriously lol

I am surprised no one has been there to try it yet with all the love the place gets on these boards.

I’ve been kind of hesitant to going there since they opened up Lost at Sea and chef Tim Carey has been spending most of his time there.

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Oh, so it probably sucks?


I wouldn’t say that

But with no chef there, how could it be good? Surely people wouldn’t avoid it if they thought it was going to be good?

Me too. And cream sauce with duck seems wrong.

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on looks alone, kinda not it

If only @TonyC were still around he would probably say “looks more like duck à l’jizz”



:slight_smile: True, but yes it is a very good dish. My mom made it a couple of times. I remember it was a big deal and took hours. The skin is so fatty, the duck has to roast for hours on a rack over the pan. When the skin is really crispy the glazing begins: mixture of drippings, fresh oj & orange marmalade (no brandy for the kids). I don’t know if our restaurants are doing it that way now, but Comme ca’s looks the closest.

I went and had the dish 4 days ago lol

Comme Ca has been closed for over 2 years.

I’m not surprised. Not that it wasn’t good. But I’m just not suprised…