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It was certainly a place that defined mediocrity for me. Although I never tried the Duck l’Orange, which was apparently the one thing they might have done well.

Maybe the space is just cursed, though. Myers ditched both Comme Ca and Hinkoki to go to Singapore, and Ricardo Zarate was supposed to open Rosaline in the old Comme Ca space a year ago, and as far as I know, Rosaline is not open yet.

I had the best omelette of my life at Comme Ca.

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They had a good braised short rib too. But you could be right about spaces being cursed. It was the case with the Mozza corner for a decade. Everything failed… then bingo! Curse broken.

Sorry I missed that. I :heart: a good French omelette.

Have you tried the omelette at Petit Trois?

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No! But I’ve seen it made on tv. It looks terrific. So many restaurants, so little time!

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I hear the escargot are great too.

@TheCookie the omelette and the escargot are sublime at Petit Trois. Make sure they keep on refilling your Epi bread, you will NEED it to sop up all the delightful garlic butter.



Fishing With Dynamite - Manhattan Beach

I’m So Samantha & Old-fashioned w/Buffalo Trace

Spin on the Cosmo w/Boyd & Blair vodka, cranberry juice, pink peppercorn, Meyer lemon & hibiscus.

Raw Bar Platter

2 Oysters, 2 Scallops, 2 Shrimp. The shrimp with the saffron aioli were very good, but the Peruvian scallops w/grapefruit & lemon juice were the bomb!

Little Hoodlums - WA

Little yes, but there’s nothing hoodlum about them. They’re boring & wimpy.


Grilled Rare Albacore - Sauce Vierge, Crispy Capers & Grilled Lemon

Fantastic! :blush:

New England Clam Chowder

I like the consistency, not overly thick w/flour, not salty and the little Weiser Farm potatoes were just right for this. It’s a very good chowda’, but could use a little more punch of clam flavor.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

De-licious! :blush:

Key Lime Parfait

I can see why you love this @PorkyBelly. It’s tart, not too sweet, nice creamy, pudding-y, citrusy filling on top of graham cracker crust and the Italian lime meringue is like toasted marshmallows without the cloying sweetness. :heart_eyes: I could eat it in a glass, on a plate, in a house with a mouse.

I can see why y’all dig Fishing With Dynamite.

They were busy, but the service was excellent. We didn’t feel rushed and the customers didn’t seem like “diners looking for deals”. Maybe it’s just me and how I look at things. For us dine/LA is more about fun and being participatory than bargain hunting. And there is also good value along the way, so.

Walkin’ it off. We took the scenic route back to the car.


Besides All Day Baby, I also went to Jame Enoteca for the first time a week ago to try them for the 3 course DineLA dinner for $45, which included a complimentary glass of wine.

I ordered the meatball app, Chicken parm (with Vodka sauce supplement) and the Meyer lemon pie for dessert from the Fall 2021 DineLA menu and chose a complimentary glass of Montepulciano wine :wine_glass:. Since Jackson Kalb, the founding chef had trained at the Factory Kitchen, renowned for the Mandilli “Hankerchief” pasta, I tried his version of it as well from the regular a la carte menu (I’ve yet to visit Factory Kitchen).

Uncharacteristically, I’m going to cut my review short ‘cuz I have to deal with my food coma, but will definitely be going back to Jame Enoteca for the $19 weekday prix fixe lunch menu after DineLA ends with a small crew who aren’t picky about ambience — see what others have said in the this thread Jame Enoteca (El Segundo): A Pictorial Essay - #16 by bulavinaka.

I went to JE on a Sunday so it was easy to find free street parking near the strip mall housing it and the laidback and clean streets were pleasant to walk after dinner. Although El Segundo is not the most picturesque with the Chevron refinery nearby, its small town vibe was a refreshing change from what I typically experience in other parts of LA Beach Cities such as Santa Monica and Venice.

PS: I only ate half of the Mandilli pasta and Chicken Parm with Vodka sauce. Soooo good as leftovers the following day - server told me to reheat pasta in microwave for about 90 secs or so. Warmed the chicken parm in the toaster oven.


It’s back. Only maybe 50% have menus up, but what looks good? Or do we not care as much since the value seems to have diminished significantly in recent years? Connie and Ted’s is tempting, value be damned. Might have to finally give Yangban a spin.

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Connie and teds deals aren’t terrible especially the lunch deal.

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At first I was like, “Ooh, a lobster roll!”… and then noticed the $18 supplement charge. ::sigh::

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Should’ve added that, having said that, $25 for the standard lunch menu seems like a pretty good deal, as you mentioned. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I saw the lobster roll and was pretty excited but 25 bucks ain’t bad if I was in the area I’d definitely stop by for that!