Dinner/drinks near Largo at the Coronet

I’ll be there on Saturday night. My husband and I will be eating on the earlier side @6:30pm while we wait for our show to start. I know there are a ton of great restaurants in that area, but I’m never over there, so I’m not familiar with many of them. We’re looking to spend $100 tops with drinks. Bonus points if it’s within walking distance to Largo. I’m open to most food, but I do want the atmosphere to be nice/romantic. We don’t get out much. Thanks!

Right now my front-runners are Mercado, Electric Karma, and Plan Check… all about a 15-20 minute walk from Largo, so says Google.

Tough one.
I don’t think any of those places could be described as nice/romantic, and the walk from all is probably quite a bit longer than 20 mins (and I am a fast walker). But they fit your price point and not much in West Hollywood that is truly nice/romantic will. Sorry I have not been much help.
Maybe Terrine?
Aburiya Raku?
Maybe expand your radius and take a Lyft or Uber?

Short drive from Jon & Vinnie’s, Animal, Petit Trois, Shake & Shack, Golden State
and Son of
a Gun…

I usually go to Addiction Bistro. It’s like 3 doors away. They have a regular menu and a vegetarian one (their veg burger is very good). I’ve had excellent scampi there. I’ve only had one regular menu miss–something called steak au poivre which was neither steaklike nor tasty. Avoid that one.
FWIW, the only wine I’ve found worth drinking at Largo itself is the prosecco. The rest is like Chateau Thames Embankment.

I think the patio at Terrine would be a nice place for a date.

ESTEREL at The Sofitel Hotel might work. It’s in walking distance to Coronet and should be less crammed and less loud music than the usual W. Hollywood restaurant.

GUSTO is also a good spot. It’s very small, so can get a little loud. If you go early eve it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s dark, candlelit atmosphere makes it very romantic. Definitely one of our date spots.

Gusto is a very good idea

Esterel at the Sofitel Hotel, perhaps?

Otherwise, Lucques.

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@CiaoBob - Thanx. I’ve been meaning to check out Terrine.

Thanks for all the recommendations. My husband, who usually doesn’t have an opinion on where we go to eat, just informed me that he hasn’t had sushi since before I was pregnant with our oldest daughter (5 years ago!), so he wants sushi. How is Sushi by H for moderately priced sushi? Is it a nice atmosphere?

The best sushi in that immediate area is at Nobu (expensive) or Matsuhisa (more expensive, but you might see some stars). And Robert DeNiro is a part owner.
Pricewise, I guess the best after a five year abstinence place is either Sugarfish on LaBrea or in BH on Canon.

@mcmichael @deedubs - I agree, if you don’t want to spend a lot go to Sugarfish. But just know you’re not going to get crunch rolls or spicy tuna w/crispy rice or anything of that nature. If your husband is wanting that, go to Sushi by H or - I can already hear the sushi people groaning at me - Katsuya on 3rd.

Have a great night!

Murakami Sushi on Melrose is pretty good for affordable sushi. They’re known for their build-your-own chirashi sushi bowls. They’re not going to hit the gastronomic heights of the heavy hitters in LA, but it’s fresh, and you won’t have to take out a mortgage.

Murakami Sushi
7160 Melrose Ave, (just west of La Brea)
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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Yes, the top sushi in LA is well out of our price range. We love sushi, but need to have money left over for the kids’ college funds. :slight_smile: This is very helpful though, since I don’t know the moderate places in this area of town.


Check for murakami.

Fresh, tasty, reasonably priced. They do have some parking round back.

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I know that this is long after the fact, but I wanted to add my two cents for future reference.

Hirozen (soon to be re-named Matsumoto) is about a five minute walk from Largo on Beverly. It’s my go-to spot when I want to walk somewhere for sushi. I have always done sushi omakase there, but they have a rather extensive a la carte section and some new kaiseki-style course meals on their latest menus. Chef Matsumoto is pretty darned awesome and personable, to boot.

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So I got to see Jonathan Coulton at Largo last Sunday, and we tried Addiction Bistro.

Apparently, we were not the only ones to think grabbing a bite before the show was a good idea. We got the last available patio table about 6:15pm. Very pleasant (if a little chilly) and we were seated next to other folks also going to the show, so it was really pleasant conversation. We even saw Angelyne driving down La Cienega in her pink 'vette.

But 6:30 passed. And 6:45. AND 7:00.

We didn’t actually get our food until almost ten after, which left us not much time to enjoy it. Which is a shame because the truffle burger was actually a very good burger. The truffle aoili, as it almost always is, was pointless. A few stripes of mayo with truffle oil stirred in. It didn’t add much to the already very tasty burger and carmelized onions. But even so, a good burger is a good burger.

The gnocchi with gorganzola was less so. I’m fairly certain the kitchen got ‘into the weeds’ and rushed something, because several of the gnocchi were still stuck together, and thus ended up a little undercooked. When you bit through one, it left a texture like play-doh in the middle. And the sauce was honestly kinda bland, which would have been less of a problem had the gnocchi been better.

We were more fortunate than the couple next to us, who, despite sitting down a few minutes before us, were served AFTER us. In fact, one of them just got their food to go and ended up eating it from the box walking back to Largo.

This is one of the very few restaurant experiences that left me kinda unhappy. Enough that I actually regretted having to run off before I could speak to the manager about it.

The waiter DID apologize and expressed surprise at the ‘pre-show rush.’ Really? You’re 100 feet from a theater where they hand out assignments 90 minutes before showtime, and you’re surprised people all want dinner then?

And, since I had so much time to peruse the menu, I got to read it thoroughly. Take a look at it yourself:

Look how “Fantastic!” it all is. “Amazing!”, “Addictive!” “INCREDIBLE!”

So! Many! Exclamation! Points!

Still, the location and price are pretty right for a nice, non-wallet busting meal if you’re in the neighborhood.

PS- The show was amazing. Aimee Mann was playing bass for him and did a couple of songs from her upcoming album. YAY!!

Has the official ownership changed yet? (I am assuming/hoping fervently that the menu will pretty much stay the same despite the ownership change.)

What a great musician…


I’m glad I took a photo of this card that was handed to me upon recieving the bill. It can hopefully answer your question better than I can. :slight_smile: