Dinner in San Francisco recommendations

Going to SF for a couple of days and looking for dinner recommendations. Previous likes included places like Californios, Benu, and In Situ among others. Liked Slanted Door as well back in its early days. Theoretically, Californious is available and I would love to dine there again but resent making a prepaid non refundable reservation, especially in these covid times. Also, ideally something that we don’t have in Los Angeles. Appreciate it!

san ho won, san ho won, san ho won.

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Interesting…I do appreciate charcoal over gas cooking but yet we have Korean bbq in LA in some abundance…
So what makes this so special ?

its a whole next level of kbbq

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san ho won


Anomaly looks interesting

SSAL was my city stop besides Kaiseki Saryo Hachi for me in a few last trips

Kaiseki Saryo Hachi
(650) 885-1242

SSAL - Google Search

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Anomaly does look interesting. Too bad they are doing pre-paid reservation schtick. Since my trip may get cancelled, I will either see if they have something last minute maybe…

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Thanks, both look great. Wish SSAL was not doing pre-paid reservation thing.

Ok, so far I got The Progress and Le Fantastique.
Considering switching one of them out (probably for san ho won). Which one to drop?

if you dont want to do reservation, you can usually get a table at san ho won walking in at 5pm. or they also usually have tables for 930 or 10 that you can reserve day before

the pre-paid thing massively helps restaurants with no-shows. I get that you’re not as flexible, but that’s the name of the game.

I get it that it helps the restaurants and have done plenty of those pre-paid dinners. However, I am not about to do this when my trip might get cancelled!

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Exactly. There’s nothing onerous about their reservation policy:

General reservation deposits and House Menu prepayments are fully refundable up to 24 hours before your visit.

Anomaly’s web site is about as uninformative as I’ve seen. If that piques your interest, DayTrip in Oakland.

I’m not sure LA has traditional Italian food at the same level as Perbacco. Certainly Angelini is a couple of steps down.

The best dim sum is probably still better than anything in LA though if you’re going to Vancouver soon …

Burmese is way more of a thing here than in LA. Burmese Kitchen might be the best.

I think a similar story for Uyghur, Laotian, and Georgian, maybe Indonesian and Malaysian as well.

I tried Daytrip and thought it was neat, but the portions are quite small and there were many recurring flavors across dishes when I last went.

And I agree with Robert RE: burmese kitchen – I think it’s the best in the city, though Mandalay is pretty tasty as well.

Not a fan of Le Fantastique; had the trout $12, kaluga $19 for 2 tiny bruschetta size portions, tombo $18, the hotaru-ika (firefly squid), and kakigori $14, which for 2 ppl did not make us full and was way overpriced.

“For two to three people, you’ll need to order 10 or so dishes to feel like you had a full meal, which can add up to upwards of $350 (not including wine).”

I vote for San Ho Won.

Anomaly: “Anomaly is a pop-up-turned-restaurant in Lower Pacific Heights with an 11-course menu ($121 per person). The seasonal tasting menu features things like fennel prepared four ways and filet mignon with beet millefeuille.”

Thanks great insights!

agree - i have no trouble with deposit fully refundable 24hr. Its the prepaid ticket reservation that I try to avoid, especially in the covid-19 era.