Dinner Lab coming to SD

Has anyone ever attended one of Dinner Lab’s Pop Up restaurant events? I am interested in attending the Friendsgiving one Nov 19 in San Diego. Price is very reasonable, Chef is DJ Park, and the 5 course menu looks pretty interesting. Main course is " Surf and Turf - charred lobster, roasted duck, pickled berries, jus" .

If you go I hope you report back - the menus often look decent (but not really very unusual) but a bit expensive (especially with the starting $175 membership fee) and so we were always on the fence to get to one of the Dinner Lab Parties.

Even though it’s only $75/per for the upcoming meal (including drinks), that $175 membership is a bit prohibitive for us as well, especially since this is a recurring annual fee! That’s a big reason why I asked if anyone here has gone to a dinner lab meal. I suppose if there was a chef that I was really interested in or if someone here highly recommends, I would have a greater inclination to join.