Dinner on Christmas eve in Santa Monica

Looking for a place for 7 of us in SM or Malibu or maybe Venice. We’re driving down from Santa Barbara and don’t want anything to far from the coast. Any ideas?

What’s your budget per person with drinks? Christmasy or does it matter?

In Malibu: Malibu Farm Restaurant, Tra di Noi, Geoffrey (great views but not great food).

Santa Monica: Catch at Casa del Mar, Water Grill, Whist at the Viceroy, Chinois, Red O, Chaya Venice.


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Thanks for this list. Price is flexible, we went to Craig’s last year and probably spent a good amount. I would like it to be somewhat Christmasy. I did check out Catch-they have a Xmas Eve dinner at $90 per person. Need to see if Viceroy restaurant is available. Which is considered better food? I’ve had brunch and drinks at Huntley, any insight on their food? I’ll check some of the other places out and see if they are open. Is Boa any good? My friend who we are meeting sent me a link to that place. Never heard of it.

Cassia seems to be closed on Dec.24. I do need to check out this place.

Catch would be the most Christmasy. Boa is solid. Huntley has great views, food is not memorable. Whist is quite good, Catch is consistently very good.

I would add two more to my list above: Herringbone and Hungry Cat.

Hungry Cat closed on 12/24 as is Rustic Canyon. How’s the food at Malibu Farm? Love the location.

I love love love the food at Malibu Farm.

Not much is open in Santa Monica Area but here is what is
Ivy at The Shore
Hungry Cat
Joe’s Venice
Locando del Lago
M Street Kitchen
The Brentwood
…and elsewhere in LA
The Little Door

@Rosie: I only went to the Huntley once for brunch, but I thought the food was quite solid and much better than it had to be (given that the view seems to be the main attraction).

Can’t imagine that you’d be displeased w/ Tavern, AOC (aside from whatever the cost is to have someone serving you on X-mas Eve!). I haven’t been to the following, but they get very good reviews: Craft, Redbird, Scarpetta.

Anyone eaten at Ivy on the Shore? Related to the other Ivy, correct? I’ve eaten at tavern a few years ago, nice room and food was good. Might be the ticket.

Do you order at counter for dinner? Might be a little downscale for this event.

Sounds like you want to go to Saddle Peak Lodge.

Thanks for the list. Any thoughts on ivy at the Shore?

Over priced and just ok in my opinion…

Ivy at the Shore is a great choice for Xmas Eve. I think the food is consistently good, service is consistently good and is no more expensive than many other restaurants mentioned. I always leave there satisfied. Extensive menu with something for everyone.

Ivy is a good choice, I always have a great meal there. They used to be very expensive, but all other restaurants have caught up to the same price points (in fact, their entrees seem inexpensive to me, now).

Saddle peak closed on Xmas eve. Any thoughts on Santa Monica Yacht club? Maybe in comparison to Tavern…

I’m still figuring out this site (still using CH for most of my discussions, but LA board has definitely all moved here). The reply function is a little confusing, you (you being ipsedixit) seemed to cut and paste my original post and then reply under it. My replies to various posters don’t seem to reside in their vicinity, they just go to end of thread.

Go to opentable LA you can see what’s open and what times are still available…happy holidays!