Dinner on PCH north of Costa Mesa

My son and I are going to a show in Costa Mesa this Sunday and looking for dinner on PCH afterwards. Preferably someplace with an ocean view (otherwise, what’s the point?) and good seafood. We’re heading back to Santa Clarita so it would be great to stop on the way lest I faint from hunger before we get home (thankfully my son will be driving).

Any thoughts on where to go? It doesn’t have to be “white tablecloth” but also not what I can get anywhere else i.e. diner food. I looked on Google maps for possibilities (haven’t checked Yelp yet) but would love to hear from anyone that’s dined somewhere on that drive.


We’ve had good experiences at BlueGold in Huntington Beach. LSXO is also great, but I haven’t been able to get a reservation. With Sunday being Mother’s Day getting in anywhere may be tricky at this point in time.

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Maybe a bit more south than what you might like, but Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach has a nice view. But around dinnertime, they inexplicably turn off most of that view once the sun goes down. :slight_smile:

Nobu Newport Beach

Thanks for the suggestions. Blue Gold and LXSO probably won’t work for my palate (I can’t handle spice or heat, should have said it in my original post). Mastro looks good but I am reluctant to go to any restaurant without knowing the prices before hand. So, dinner for 2 adults, one non-drinker (woe is me, I’m allergic to alcohol), approximately how much for say sharing a starter, 2 entrees and dessert?

I surfed on Google maps, any comments on Parker’s Lighthouse in Long Beach, Redondo Beach Crabhouse or Fishbar in Manhattan Beach? My last resort would be Enterprise Fish Co in Santa Monica…

Thanks again.

Pick up food at Gjusta and find a nice bench on the strand.

Palmilla Cocina Y Tequila

Ask for a patio table. Totally not spicy. Because #GringoMexicanFood

LSXO may be out, but BlueGold isn’t like that. Regardless, getting in on Mother’s Day is still going to be rough at any reputable establishment by the water.
I’m not a fan of Parker’s Lighthouse.

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In the same complex as BlueGold (which is great), is Ways & Means Oyster House.

Bullseye! It looks perfect. I LOVE oysters and the selection looks terrific. I could easily choose half the menu.


I will caveat this by saying that I haven’t been since their first year open, but my experience was less than memorable. Perhaps they’ve stepped up their game. I will defer to @NewTrial.

I meant to reply directly to you with the bullseye rec for W&M Oyster House. I just looked at Yelp (and I always take those reviews with a grain of salt) and they were mixed. I do love oysters, and the only seafood restaurant near my house has them only on the half shell (my usual order) or Oysters Rockefeller.

So, what do you recommend there? Thanks again!

So as it turns out, my son already made a res for The Cannery in Newport Beach. Any recs on what to order there? The diver scallops look good but I’m always a sucker for a good lobster roll…

Thoughts? Thanks again!

Although I saw your note about the Cannery reservation, I thought I would reply for future reference or other interested readers. At the risk of the obvious, oysters are the best way to go at Ways & Means; other than that, keeping to the simpler items on the menu is the best approach. I much prefer the food at BlueGold but, since you did not like the menu there, thought that Ways & Means would be a decent alternative that checked most of your boxes.

If you’re looking for oysters, Shuck is your best bet and is our go-to. Usually as a precursor to dinner somewhere else in SOCO. Taco Maria, Pueblo, and ARC are all solid.


I would concur, but OP asked for ocean views. I love these places.

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I know they did, I’m just sayin’…

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I appreciate the reply and advice. I’m not often in that area but will keep it for future reference.

Marche Moderne is an OC institution, and still the best French bistro in Southern California.

Hi @savvysearch,

Thanks for the reminder. Have you tried out the new location since they moved? How is it compared to their original location? Thanks.