Dinner party ideas

We are having 8 adults and 5 children to dinner…looking for something that can be prepared the day before and reheated. I’m drawing a complete blank! All are good eaters. Any ideas? I’ll make a bowl of pasta for the kids, just in case.

Lasagna is good choice. Add a quick salad and there’s little to done the day of besides heat/toss and serve.

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Turducken seems like the obvious choice but you have to be careful you don’t dry out the turkey while reheating it.

Enchiladas…Cheese, chicken, pork, ground beef or shredded beef.
Make some black beans or pinto with Spanish rice with lots of cold Modelos or Pacifico’s.
Chips and Guac with some good salsa…
Quesadillas or tacos for the kids…
Mexican Hot Chocolate for dessert.

Beef stew (or any type of stew)

Coq au vin



Salisbury Steak … kidding, not kidding. No really.

Thanks for suggestions! I’ll make enchiladas w/sauce from hatch chilis in my freezer. My husband can’t eat cheese so will also make carnitas from Homesick Texan cookbook, easy and delish. Guac and margaritas too. Perfect.

+1 . Lasagna , salad , garlic bread .

The carnitas from Homesick Texan are awesome! I made those weekly for about a year at one point. So good!

I agree! I’ve been wondering whether it’s worth buying that cookbook, as the date bars are wonderful too.