Dinner - South Downtown or South of Downtown

Need a rec for dinner in south downtown or around USC. $$-$$$

Anybody been to Faith and Flower?

Chichen Itza, if it’s not too casual for your needs.

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Don’t go to Faith & Flower. Pricey mediocre food (on a good night, if you’re lucky)

Give us your definition of South (no matter how it’s used, as an adjective or adverb).

Bestia, Barcito and Petty Cash are all South Downtown (or South Park area).

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I usually do the Chichen Itza-Tire Shop Taqueria bang bang


Let’s say South of 5th St. South Park is definitely the right area. Thanks for the recs and for not having me waste time with Faith and Flower.

Broken Spanish >> Faith & Flower in that LA Live area.

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Great idea!

Broken Spanish may well be our winner here. Thanks!

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Faith and flower is crap.