Discovering Turkish Food at The Kitchen at Westwood

Kevin’s recent review:


This place sounds good, that coffee looks like rich hot chocolate.

Funny I went a few days ago and thought the doner was just OK. Nothing worth writing about. The baklava, however, is fantastic.

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I think on the whole the flavors at Zuma Kitchen down the street are stronger for Turkish food.

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yea we call that Armenian coffee lol

there’s different names for similar things, amermian coffee and turkish coffee being one of them, ?

I mean the places are right next to each other and a huge part of Turkey is historically Armenia so it’s the same drink.

I thought Zuma was subpar, i’ll define give kitchen a try.

Don’t ask for a Turkish coffee in Greece, unless you want to listen to a long, patient lecture correcting your pathetic ignorance of “real” history. Which will probably touch on politics, science and philosophy at some point or another. Ask for Greek coffee.

That said, I love that dark grainy, coffe. With those hard, little sugar cubes.

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Yes, i was touching on that with also Armenia, Turkey and you mentioned Greece.

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… and even better baklava.

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Hi @Nemroz (and all),

Where would you recommend getting great Armenian / Greek / Turkish Coffee?

Better yet just ask for coffee. It’s not mere politics, like you ironically stated, it’s history and it matters

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I know. Trust me on that.

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