Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- December -- NOMINATIONS

Just in time for the holidays… Nominations must be in ALL-CAPS and end on 11/26 @ 8PM. Perhaps be inspired by what you plan to make/eat in the upcoming weeks!

Previous DoTM:
January: chili
February: burgers
March: seafood sandwiches
April: fried rice
May: curry
June: pizza
July: skewers
August: hot dog/sausages
September: potatoes
October: pie
November: deep-fried


blah blah blah (since it won’t accept just MAC & CHEESE… apparently not “descriptive” enough!)

I’m going to take a gamble and say that December might be cold!!!



But presumably not something like ramen or beef noodle soup?

Last time I checked, those are soups. Nothing Soupy has won all year long because it’s been too damn hot.


SOUP sounds good to me……getting ready for El Nino

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Get ready for the cold snap this wk! :wink:

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In honor of the holiday season…


I will also nominate SOUP!

I like the COOKIES idea.


cookies cookies cookies


Would be my vote.