Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- January 2016 -- LAMB

Happy New Year!

The runaway winner is lamb! Poor little sheep… Post away!

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Going to get the the Lamb’s Head later in the week…will report back!


I jumped the gun anticipating the win. The “grilled lamb chop” at Happy Table. $18. It was crisped up nice, fat rendered well and meat juicy. Loved the spices. I’m curious how the whole leg and thigh would be like.


Dang, that looks pretty good…

I just had the aged, smoked lamb ribs at Charcoal, but those chops almost look better.

That seems like a lot of food for $18

Maybe so, but maybe not in Alhambra? Just a guess.

Mongolian lamb, at Ahgoo Kitchen (in El Monte)…


Leg of lamb @ home today to ring in the new year along w/ kasha varnishkas. I ended up cutting the leg vertically in half since it was just me (there was a little shank/bone section that I snipped off and roasted as well). To keep this post somewhat retail/restaurant in focus, the leg of lamb is from Huntington Meats. Lots of left overs which will be lamb/feta/hummus/veggie/pita sandwiches over the weekend.

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@J_L what kind of sauce is the Mongolian Lamb? Looks a bit like Sweet & Sour (which I sincerely hope not LOL).

What did you think of it? Thanks.

Not sure what the marinade was, but the lamb was very tender and mild-tasting (read; non-gamey). I was so mild that I almost thought they substituted beef.

It thought it was great - just wished I had a bowl of fluffy steamed white rice to go with that lamb #飯桶

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Good guess sir. It was in Alhambra, the place next to Baccali Cafe, that’s constantly changing owners. It’s a running family joke/tradition that we try it when it’s new. Our guess is that its for visa investment purposes. It’s usually good the first six months or so with great prices, before the chef gets stolen away or the owner is tired of sinking so much money into loss leaders. This is the latest incarnation. They specialize in lamb/northern dishes. I’m also intrigued by the whole lamb leg and thigh for $28.

They also have $6 lunch specials. I liked the “hand torn pancake” Light and flaky, went well with the lamb.

Looks and sounds great - nice find - for now! Those prices for big hunks of lamb are a steal.

I LOVE zwua (sp?) bing! :slight_smile:

Revolutionario’s Lamb Tagine Taco:

Lamb Tagine Taco (Chickpeas, Collard Greens, Preserved Lemon):

It was fantastic! :slightly_smiling:



Does Whole Foods deli counter lamb stew count?

Lamb Kabobs at Feng Mao. You get 10 per order and they’re pre-seasoned. It’s like Korean BBQ, but with skewers. We ordered the lamb kabobs, chicken wings, prawns, buns, all of which we bbq’d ourselves. We also got a side of on choy.

Here’s what it looks like as you put it over the charcoal and it cooks.

Once it’s done, it has a nice char and you dip it in a delightful cumin-based spice that they bring you. The spices really bring the flavors out nicely.

This was a delicious lamb preparation, and it goes very well with a Hite beer.

The chicken wings were also quite tasty, and this preparation really lends itself to whole prawns. It brings out the flavor in a huge way. I eat it shell and all. It’s crunchy and flavorful.

And as an added treat, the new California Mart just opened 12/28 on the corner of Western and 5th. It looks like a Korean Whole Foods. The quality of the meats/fish/etc. is quite high. It’s fun to walk through it after the meal at Feng Mao.

Feng Mao Lamb Kabob
414 S. Western (btwn 4th and 5th)


Don’t see why it wouldn’t! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks. :slightly_smiling:

I need to hit up Feng Mao–I saw their storefront on my walk home the other day after a burger/beer lunch @ Beer Belly. I thought they were over by Normandie/7th. Guess that this is a newish addition or relocation?

It seemed like the only biz open in the CA Mart was Coffee Bean. So, the market is open too? anything else?