Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JANUARY 2017 -- FINAL VOTING

Thanks to @Chowseeker1999, we only had a 3-way tie for the 2nd nomination, rather than a 7-way tie for the 3rd nom.

Your final choices are below. Since I expect that many of you will be imbibing the alcohol on the 31st and then sleeping it off the morning of the 1st, voting will be extended to 01/01/17 @ noon!

Lemme know if I’ve made an errors in the poll.

Happy New Year to all. :smiley:

  • Breakfast
  • Cheese Dishes
  • Soup/stews
  • Salad

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My heart says cheese, but my body says salad. Decisions, decisions…


Where is @TheCookie when we need her?? And yes u can smother your salad with cheese, like they do in other parts of the country. :wink:


Actually, has @TheCookie been MIA recently? I don’t recall seeing a post from her recently…

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Your argument is persuasive, @Bookwich. Salad it is!


I’m back! Let’s see… what have we here? Shit. I like all of these. Salads sound good… I have a few lbs to lose. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It’s the right season for soup and stews. One can never eat too much cheese. I could sample my way thru The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Now where did I put that Lipitor? Just kidding. My cholesterol is fine. But still, I think I’ll go with salads (lots of dressing). I haven’t checked, but I’m sure it’s my @Bookwich’s choice. I’ll do my stewing at home.

No scolding @paranoidgarliclover. I will vote the proper way. Just doing a little stream of consciousness.

Missed you guys!


Hopefully, everyone will wake up feeling sluggish and full of good intentions, and vote accordingly… :wink: :running_woman:t2: :running_man:t2:


Soups and stews!!

Salads would be better in the summer/spring.

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I’m hoping that this non-drought weather persists and makes my choice of soups and stews the most relevant.


Me too darn it! My brain (and wasteline) say salads, but my heart says soups and stews! Ohhh! That’s it. I’m changing my vote. Sorry @Bookwich. It’s the weather :worried:. Who said salads would be good for the spring? Well they’re right… Farmers Markets @Chowseeker1999 :grimacing:.

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