Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- JANUARY 2017 -- SOUPS/STEWS

Wood Spoon.

Available only on their Saturday brunch menu. How convenient for you.


When I am out and about I really like good soup for lunch. Clementine posts their daily soups every day and I appreciate that. Their Tuscan Bean is my favorite. I would be interested in knowing what other restaurants post their daily soup(s) online. Mendocino Farms updates monthly. I am more interested in daily updates. Huckleberry tried it for a short time and they screwed up. They never did get it right and when they did the veggie soups tasted like baby food. Thanks

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Hah… Yes. Perfect for lunch. I eat Clementine soup almost every workday. When Soups & Stews won I thought “Oh boy. They’ll be subjected to another stream of my daily Clementine… Hehe.”

They’re also doing the seasonal “Meaty Chili”, available everyday (much better than their boring tomatoey “Mom’s Chili”). And it comes with garlic bread, sour cream & shredded cheddar.

Best part: Century City has curbside pick-up. I look online at the daily soups, order on my way in and they bring it to my car.

Happy Soup Eating!


Using our leftover prime rib bones, I made a lovely beef and vegetable soup that was supposed to last us a few days, but my family decided to go to town so we only have one more meal left of it.


I’m going to subject everyone to a daily stream of ramen and tomato-kimchi soup.

Though I did make bean soup with the Christmas ham bone today. No photo, it’s greenish-brown lumpy soup. Ya know.


Salt’s Cure, in their initial incantation on Santa Monica Blvd, posted their daily blackboard with soup on facebook. Don’t know if it is still true as I have not been since they moved. [I cannot believe I am feeling a sort of fucking nostalgia for a restaurant as young as Salt’s Cure.]

A couple so far.

Had the French onion soup and lobster bisque at the Scotchery in Costa Mesa. Both were fantastic (so was the foie gras creme brulee, but that’s another thread). This place has a strange location on Harbor Blvd. in a business park, but I’m looking forward to going back to try their steaks.

Also, took the kids to Santouka in CM over the weekend for their first non-Top-Ramen ramen experience. They’re hooked. My stepdaughter, who swears pork makes her sick (we didn’t tell her how they make the broth, and she was fine even after we told her), was a huge fan.


Yum. Stopped in to Clementine yesterday for a couple of chicken vegetable soup. So good. Loaded with chicken, delicious broth. Unusual to see so much goodness in a single cup.


[quote=“CiaoBob, post:26, topic:4879”]
I cannot believe I am feeling a sort of fucking nostalgia for a restaurant as young as Salt’s Cure.
[/quote]Very funny and very L.A. Restaurants are so short-lived.

I feel nostalgia for the old Salts Cure all the time. It was a far different enterprise in its early days. Something cozy, intimate, and unexpectedly incredible in a sort of darling simplicity. It always felt more like showing up to eat in someone’s kitchen than going to a restaurant. The kind of place Ron Swanson would eat if he visited LA. I had some great memories in that space.

Now, it feels corporate and stiff. It’s a real restaurant, complete with pretty super snob hostesses, clueless but pretty waiters, and a full bar with au courrant cocktails.

Now you kind of hate the fact that the oatmeal griddle cakes are so good cause of what you have to put up with to eat them.

Even though the pork chops are the same, the experience is completely different. I think the easy to be nostalgic about the old Salts Cure because it feels more like a good friend moved away than a restaurant relocating.

As good as the Chicken Vegetable soup was at Clementine yesterday, the Chicken Vegetable Soup at Uplifters Kitchen on Ocean Park Blvd is even better! Broth was richer. Lots of tender chicken and a very generous serving.

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[quote=“maudies5, post:31, topic:4879”]
Uplifters Kitchen’s broth was richer.
[/quote]As much as I love Clementine’s soups, must admit their chicken vedge is not my favorite.

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soups and stews are my Jam!

Lee’s Tofu - Mushroom Soon Dubu, i like this better than BCD or Beverly Soon Tofu


As someone who goes to Rio pretty much every year, we drink caipirinhaS WHILE eating feijoada. Then we go home and sleep it off. Generally dinner is toast and eggs.


Better than BCD??? How so? :slight_smile:

In my humble opinion it tastes better to me. BCD and Beverly were both bland. Lee’s Tofu is savory. The mushroom tofu at BCD only has button mushrooms and the one at Lee’s has at least 3 different types of mushrooms. Try it, the Lee’s Tofu that i go to is the one in Monterey Park on Atlantic off the 60 fwy. I believe there’s another Lee’s Tofu in Gardena.

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road to seoul (alhambra) soup off the $18.99 lunch special AYCE.

i didn’t order it so i can’t tell you for sure what it is.


Live very near Huckleberry and dropped in there today (Friday) looking for soup. They had a really great lentil soup–tasted long-cooked and complex. I got it to go and ate some for dinner. You might want to go back and check if they have it tomorrow. That was their only soup but it was a winner.

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Phases of the best tomato bisque I’ve ever made…


Farro pozole with meatballs at Ledlow