Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- January -- NOMINATIONS

Happy holidays! With 2016 nearly upon us, it’s time for nominations. I assume that it’s fine to repeat previous winners in a new year, but here’s a list of last year’s winners, just in case you want to be original. :smile:

Nominations must be in ALL-CAPS and end on 12/27 @ 8PM (an extension b/c of the holidays… heh, heh).

January: chili
February: burgers
March: seafood sandwiches
April: fried rice
May: curry
June: pizza
July: skewers
August: hot dog/sausages
September: potatoes
October: pie
November: deep-fried
December: soup

My nomination is SUSHI

LAMB and GOAT dishes.

Speaking of which, have you tried lamb neck at Fanoos Grill? It’s good even on its off days.

LAMB. Need an excuse to hit up on Zam Zam’s lamb biryani.

Is SMALL PLATES too generic?

Speaking of GOAT Tar & Roses reopens in January…


I’m going to say yes, just because it perhaps leaves a bit too much open to interpretation. :wink: Is there a specific category of small plates you’d like to nominate (or prep or ingredients)?

Nope, I recently went to an excellent gastropub in the Valley, Bellwether, and everything there is supposed to be shared. I like that approach, but the only way of phrasing it I could think of was “small plates”.

LAMB sounds good to me too…

CHICKEN - particularly roasted.


Second THAI @TonyC #talkischeap
Also nominate KOREAN and JAPANESE

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Hmmm… Lemme think if I can think of a way to narrow it down a bit… (although I’m not very creative! :frowning: )

No worries. Thanks anyway.