Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2016 -- Dumplings

It was a brief vote, but it was decisive. In perhaps the most lopsided victory ever, DUMPLINGS is DoTM!

Steamed, pan-fried, Asian, or Eastern European (or more)… post some pics!

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One day early.

Shrimp and pork dumplings at 101 Noodle Express. One of my favorites. Always juicy and always a nice chunk of shrimp in each dumpling.


Which 1(01)?

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101 Irvine.

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Midday snack at Ikkousha Costa Mesa.

Gyoza is decent.

Gratuitous shot of the karaage. The ramen may be better at Kitakata but the fried chicken here is superb. Really crispy crust, very juicy inside.


One day early…

Leek dumplings, from Ahgoo Kitchen:


really doughy Georgian, Armenian joints. Haven’t tried yet but wanted to shout out something different. lamb ones are nice


Went there for Valentine’s Day last month. The boiled beef ones are really great. The fried cheese is tasty and comforting. We also had the spinach/mushroom, but there was a mix-up with the order and it didn’t arrive till we were well full, so didn’t get to give it a fair go. Looking forward to going back. Want to try the ravioli, as well.

I don’t remember seeing the lamb one on the menu though. Is that a special?

Haven’t been there. Back home it’s normally a lamb thing

Gotcha. Lamb sounds delicious, but alas, I don’t think TKF offers them.

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Not sure if egg rolls count but golden deli…



noodle house seafood dumplings assembled and cooked after you order.

dean sin world

rather than risk another tonyc eruption i will skip the soup dumplings aka XLB even it’s closer than egg rolls.

101 noodle express fried

the ahgoo kitchen fish dumplings


Ahem. I do consider egg rolls to be quite a different thing (and perhaps more akin to a crepe than a dumpling), but it’s not like we’re trying to cure cancer or something here, so it’s fine. :wink:



(From left to right)
Shrimp and chive dumplings, spicy meat and preserved vegetable dumplings, and house special seafood dumplings.

The sea cucumber seafood dumplings in ham broth.


Let’s try these then…

Myung In dumplings


that place is on my list but i haven;t been there yet.

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Is the dish closer to you/the camera simply another variation of mandu? It looks like a dumpling that’s been purposely left open.

Vegetable potstickers, spicy shrimp wontons, scallion pancakes, and panfried pork buns from Pine & Crane. Didn’t try the panfried pork buns or the scallion pancakes, but the spicy shrimp wontons were very good.


The one in the foreground is their shrimp dumplings. The Garden Grove one was pretty lackluster and made with tiny low quality shrimp:

Found some much better ones in Queenstown, NZ with giant prawns:

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