Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- MARCH 2017 -- DUMPLINGS

It looks like the salad folks were shut out again. I’m interested in seeing what non-Asian dumplings people can find. :smiley:



within the last month:
P P Pop XLB:

these were listed as dumplings on the menu at P P Pop:

Kuan’s: buy one order get second order free - second order all had holes in each one.

also at Kuan’s, i think pork & leek

Lao Xi Noodle House lamb dumplings

Tasty Dumpling House which was sold an taken over by folks doing Shanghai-ese cuisine (XLB)

Back to P P Pop, more XLB (not pictured) and pork/leek dumplings, fried (you have a steamed choice)

going back to 2016, the only non-asian sample i could find: armenian manti from Su Beoreg & Monta Factory in pasadena

some of the best shui jian bao in LA IMO (tasty noodle house)

spicy wontons at liang’s kitchen

siu mai/ha gao at monterey palace (dim sum)

dean sin world (DSW)

101 noodle express

noodle house seafood dumplings

luscious dumplings

slumming with after 10:30pm menu at sam woo.

capital seafood (dim sum)

shanghai bistro

southern mini town

grand harbor dim sum

going all the way back to may of last year, dumpling house in k-town. probably more memorable for the muzak featuring various covers played on a pan flute.



Shrimp & pork wontons in chili oil and pork & snow crab xlb from DTF Torrance location.


The spicy sauce on those wontons is like crack.


Hi @thechez5,

Ooh, interesting. :slight_smile: How were the snow crab dumplings? Could you taste the difference compared to their regular version? Curious how pronounced it is. Thanks.

Are tortellini dumplings?

(And don’t tell me “Google is your friend” because I didn’t vote for this and I can’t be bothered to fall into internet black holes.). :kissing_heart:


They were good, but tasted exactly like the regular ones that I’ve had at the Arcadia location. I didn’t see the regular ones on the Torrance menu, so I just assumed that they all use snow crab but the Torrance menu just specified it.

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Don’t know how others feel, but I would consider tortellini (and ravioli, for that matter) to be dumplings.


Just my opiniom, but gnocchi, ravioli and tortellini should be included. Wiki can be your big time bud. And according to wiki, there’s a long list of dumplings from just about every continent.


I would say they are . But it brings to question like Ye Olde ; Is a hot dog a sandwich ?

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opus from bloom county votes for banana-walrus dumplings representing antarctica.


Was wondering why walrus imports were spiking at Zhongshan station.

Benitora on Sawtelle has a bunch of new gyoza worth checking out

I tried the black gyoza with beef/pork and vegetable with prickly ash. Nice mild numbness. Tasty little guys.

Also new Pan fried noodle with prickly ash. Excellent!


Went there today, as well. Had the pork xlb, veggie & pork wontons, rice & pork dumplings and black sesame bun for dessert. I thought everything was really great. I’m so full.

Not dumplings-wise, also had the seaweed & bean curd salad and veggie fried noodles.

What is the general consensus ranking of DTF locations? All pretty much the same?

Amen. Probably my favorite thing from my meal there today.


Workaholic at Smorgasburg today. Spicy pork, shrimp and beef. Beef was the consensus best but all 3 were good.

A 3 flavor combo 17 cost bucks and the salad that came with it was forgettable/ bad.

Inside of the spicy pork


Was that $17 for what’s pictured? :fearful:

I think so. Not a very cost effective way to eat, but very tasty.

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Next Saturday at SM Pier, Westside friends. I’m thinking of taking the train with my bike. Farmers market and Smorgasburg, then bike home. I :heart: Los Angeles.