Dish of the Month (DoTM) – MAY 2016 – KOREAN

Eggs mounted a late-in-the-game comeback, but it wasn’t enough to dethrone KOREAN as the DoTM.

Let’s see your stews, slabs of beef, noodles, and pickled veggies…

Budae Jigae and beef muchim (salad) @ Gonjiam

Check, check, check & check :grinning:


I want to be on that.

IIRC as recently as a year ago i was chastised for suggesting an ethnic cuisine for DOTM. it’s part of why i stopped participating.


i’d have to go look it up on chowhound. i don’t recall which ethnicity it was, but someone (who participates on FTC again IIRC) said that just an ethinicity was an inappropriate suggestion and that it had to be a specific dish.

That was then, this is now? CH times,voting was for “Dish” of the Month.

CH mods/rules were pretty rigid.

FTC is far more free form.


What’s IIRC?

If I recall correctly.


Cheating a little because this was yesterday but… the steamed cod fish on Jun Won’s last day.


I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it :wink:

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if the DOTM and my recent outings intersect, i contribute, but my enthusiasm for nominating and voting waned considerably.

Dol sot bi bim bap at H Mart food court in Diamond Jamboree Plaza Irvine.

Skimpy on the meat but otherwise pretty decent. Pot was hot enough to generate crispy bits.


today at lunch: faiirly recently opened dumpling house at the corner of new hampshire & 3rd. (same plaza at the biryani kabob house.

it’s a dumpling house, but they also offer

what you see on the menu on the wall, which is how you order.

the mandoo were fresh

and not as doughy as some i’ve had:

fried dumplings with pork were ok

the steamed beef dumplings were more well received.

tonkatsu was sufficiently crsipy on the outside, and the breading had a noticeably different flavor profile.

the udon was udon, but a few people commented on the broth having a bit more body than the broth you typically get with japanese udon

spicy seafood ramyun

was good, but the seafood was of microscopic size - the white is a TEASPOON held over the bowl

we had already paid our bill (a little over $10/pp including tip) when they asked us if we’d be interested in trying something special they’d made - more fried dumplings.

which looked like they had sugar crystals on the outside

and had a broccoli/avocado filling - bit reminiscent of the chinese style cream cheese fried wontons but with a bit more body coming from the fiber of the broccoli. every one in our party liked them.

dumpling fu
mandoo fu
tiny seaffood fu
complimentary dumpling fu

no breasts

the secret asian man says check it out.


other 2016 K-town meals:

hwal uh kwang jang, on western same plaza as the recently deposed st. what’s her name (between 7th & 8th(

home of the hwe dup bap lunch special

and banchan

and the pollock stew lunch special

where i apparently went TWICE earlier this year.

within the last 6 months, SOBAN

doenjang jigae (tofu fermented in house IIRC)


kimchi jigae

what i think was some sort of rice cake dolsot with the crispy bottom

some of the stuff got ordered before i got there so i’m not going to try and guess:

the banchan is supposed to be a big deal so i was underwhelmed - it was good, but my expectations had set the bar REALLY high.



IMHO best store bought kimchi in the LA/OC area. Got a new supply during my excursion to the South Bay earlier in the week.


I’ve been wondering about that place. Thanks for taking one for the team! I’ll have to pop in the near future.

Back at the H Mart Food Court at Diamond Jamboree.

The soondubu is surprisingly good. High quality tofu with lots of dried oysters and mussels, fresh clam, squid, a large prawn. Better than BCD easily

Fried mandu was a bit greasy but I ate it all too so…


@Porthos - Your pictures look good enough to eat.