Dish of the Month (DoTM) -- NOVEMBER 2016 -- THANKSGIVING/HARVEST

Well, surprise, surprise, THANKSGIVING (main or side)/HARVEST got more than double the votes of CURRY and DRINKS.

Let’s see your turkeys, your yams, your mashed potatoes, your stuffing, your cornbread, and the vegetables from the bounty of the Fall harvest that wasn’t left high and dry by an anticlimactic El Niño.

BEGIN! :smiley:


I can highly recommend the turkey gravy and cranberry sauce from The Larder at Tavern. Order in advance. We always bring these to the family Thanksgiving dinner. Mashed potatoes also great.
cranberry sauce with orange & mint 12/pint
turkey gravy (serves 8) 16/pint

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Maybe a few people could include the wines they’re serving or drinking on T-Day.

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going to repeat this… perhaps outside in the slow-bbq instead


:heart_eyes: I love this month!!!

The thought of all those casseroles and root vegetables… Every year, on the day after Halloween, I realize I’m in for months and months of sturdy fruits and vegetables, and get slightly depressed. And I live in Los Angeles!

I believe we agreed that homecooking is included in this month’s DoTM? So, here is a Thanksgiving salad tryout: Gems with Fuyu Persimmon, Pomegranate, Crisp Garlic & Blue Cheese Dessing from the Gelina cookbook.

I used butter lettuce because Little Gems are nowhere to be found right now, and skipped the fried garlic because I don’t like garlic. The tortilla is because I’m watching baseball and don’t want to bother with utensils. (It is not part of the recipe.)

This may be a good side dish for Thanksgiving. The sharpness of the blue cheese contrasts nicely with the tartness of the pomegranate, but I think Hachiya persimmons would be better than Fuyu, adding a sweeter counterpoint to the blue cheese/pomegranate.


Are you going to behave this way all month?

Hi @Bookwich,

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: FYI: We saw Little Gems at “The Garden Of…” Farm at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and the Fuyu Persimmons at Arnett Farms are wonderfully sweet (more than Hachiyas IMHO).


Oh, you betcha. :wink:

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#Salt & Straw

Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey and Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans. It was fowl.


Could you possibly be more fun? No.

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wow----that combo in ice cream form is leaving me speechless. Are those chunks of turkey or sweet potato?

They’re chunks of salty crunchy turkey “brittle” (skin). I really liked the streaks of marshmallow fluff in the sweet potato casserole, almost tasted like the real thing.

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Why am I not surprised by your inventive contribution to the thread? :wink:

Did you get any turkey taste at all? The other “ingredients” make complete sense, but the turkey… :confused:

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that’s the best part of the turkey (IMO)!


Unfortunately I didn’t get much turkey flavor, it provided more of a crispy texture contrast.

Pumpkin pie.

Pitfire Pizza
12924 W. Washington Blvd., Mar Vista


Yep… very nice.

I want recs for Turkey Cran sammiches!!

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