Dish of the Month (DoTM) – November – DEEP FRIED

Well, RIBS seemed initially to be right there with DEEP FRIED, but, in the end, it wasn’t even close.

DoTM for November is… DEEP FRIED!

Please start posting pics and descriptions on this thread. :slight_smile:

Hannosuke tendon…


It was kind of greasy last time I had it. How was it???

I just love those pork chops at DTF.


From recent discussions on tempura: I-naba and Komatsu.

Fish and chips at Hot Red Bus.

Old-time favorite Empanadas Place on Sawtelle.

Lots of deep-fried crunchy snacks at Surati Farsan Mart.

We’ve had to start getting 2 orders to save the marriage.


This deep fried chicken I had on Tuesday as Raku was pretty darned good:

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Fried chicken at Status Kuo was crisp on the outside and chin-drippin’ juicy on the inside really tasty. We had five other dishes - all good to excellent. They definitely have skills in the kitchen. But the place was empty last night at 7. I hope that ain’t status quo for them.

Night + market song baby octopi. Because babies taste better.




Fried plantains from Chichen Itza.

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Yes fuck overrated tacos puntas cabres. This is how it should be done. And yes there are dozens and dozens of other fried fish tacos that beat TPC. Even in Santa Monica I’ll take the fish tacos at tacos por favor over tpc any day.

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Did you feel it was worth the cost? I think the only other report I’ve read is from J_L_.

KFC - korean fucking chicken


Fried chicken (drumstick, thigh), roast duck (excellent housemade hoisin sauce), beef cheeks, beef noodle soup. Taiwanese Delight(?) pasta dish, Brussels sprouts w/ lop song, and roast porchetta (huge portion) came to just over a c-note pre-tip. I really enjoyed most of the dishes. The beef noodle soup was slight miss - the soup broth was just a bit bitter but the other components were very good. The porchetta was amaze-balls. The skin was lacquered crackly goodness. The meat was juicy, basted by the layer of fat. And the sauce was a Mediterranean-esque flavor. Extra little container of the sauce rode side saddle.

I ordered this all to go. If you do the same, make a nice batch of steamed rice.


I agree. The porchetta at Status Kuo was superb.

The rotisserie chicken was dry.

We didn’t try the rotisserie chicken - I guess we lucked out. :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize you can get the DTF pork chop a la carte, without the fried rice. We aren’t fans of their fried rice, so this is good to know!

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I agree the appetizer is the pork chop way to go!

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