Dish of the Month (logistics)

I guess I’ll be organizing the DoTM for the next 6 months or so. I must admit that I never paid much attention to the logistics b/c the posts just magically appeared (thanks, nosh!). So here are my proposed “ground rules”:

  1. I’ll start the nominating process for the next month on the 23rd of the current month
  2. Only nomination in all caps will be counted
  3. Voting closes at 8PM on the day before the 1st of the month

Sound good?

Do people want to continue contributing to this month’s DoTM (potatoes; thanks for the reminder, jesstifer)? If so, I’ll start another thread.

Sounds good.

It’s all you.

Your baby, your rules. Your call.

Okay, we’ll follow the outline above, and we’ll start w/ the noms for next month (rather than continuing w/ the potatoes this month). =)

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is there even a point to dish of the month when it’s just mac/burger/wings/insert-one-ingredient/who-gives-a-flying F?

i’m sure it’s just me. or not.

potato, tomato, jujube, kale, avocado, sardine (yum), ad nausea, just kill me now. does discourse have a thread mute button? or, as i’ve already been told: it’s only “offered” on the menu, you don’t have to order it.

If people don’t end up nominating anything and/or nobody contributes to actual DoTM thread, then I’ll just stop doing it w/ the assumption that people no longer want to participate.

You may have to look at the title of the thread, but nobody’s certainly asking you to actually, you know, click on it, if you don’t want.

Correction: there IS a mute feature. It’s in your settings.

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Thank you for assuming responsibility for the L.A. DotM on this board.

I haven’t decided yet whether to continue on the CH site or suspend my involvement as a token protest.



I personally give a flying fuck about DOTM. Thx, paranoid, for carrying the flame.


didn’t mean it as a ad hominem, i swear. only as an “ad thread”.

and you can only mute a user, not a thread.

don’t mind me. i just don’t see the need to carry “all” the features from CH onto a new board. dotm was one of those features that CBS mods concocted to gain site addicts, and it failed miserably, IMO.

No, I didn’t take your post as a personal attack. :wink:

Oh, I hadn’t realized that that was the hx of DoTM. I actually didn’t participate that often (I can never remember to take food pics), but I just recall that lots of posters seemed to really enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Do you and I have different posting privileges? I can mute an entire category (NOT just a thread, though, as I had thought), as well as a specific poster.

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Yeah. I wasn’t usually day of the fucking month thread type of guy. But also if people want it go for it. I’ll just skip that particular thread.

I enjoyed the DotM, though we don’t eat out that often. I was more likely to participate when the category was general (because there was a greater likelihood of finding the dish / ingredient around where we live and because I could more readily find a vegetarian or seafood version of the dish).

At the same time, I did read the threads where the featured dish was not something I was able to easily get to or didn’t fit with my dietary choices, and enjoyed those, too. They gave me a greater appreciation for the diversity of the LA area when it comes to food.