Dish of the Month -- October -- VOTING


Here are our 3 nominees:

  1. PIE
  3. BOWLS (all-in-one)

Porthos has suggested that perhaps “up the ante” by being more specific about the actual dish and also extending the timeframe to every 2-3 months. I’m open, so, when you vote, please let me know if you’d like to make these changes or not.

Vote in ALL CAPS. Thanks.

Voting closes on 09/30 @ 8PM.



Is ALL CAPS really necessary? That always seemed bizarre to me.


I personally like DotM (vs less frequent DotQ). Gives me a sense of urgency to get out there and try things.

(BTW, thank you for taking over the DotM duties, PGL!)

The reason for all caps is it differentiates the vote from the discussion.

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My vote is for BOWLS.

PIE! (I’m assuming that pizza pie does not fit in this category?)

Nope, no pies of the pizza type for this. :wink:

@robert: if case there’s tons of nominations or votes, all caps presumably makes it WAY easier for me to run through the posts for tabulating the results. :smile:

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Mr. Spock loves pie too


PIE. Mmmmmmmm. . .pie.

I cast my vote for PIE

Fuck it. I’m down with pie too.

But for fucks sake the Pan is closed today.

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Then you need to fucking say “PIE”

I will go fucking PIE too.

PIE, preferably more than one.

Can it be savory pies too? Or just sweet?

Pot Pie?

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Boston cream pie?

3.14159265359, please.


I’ll go with the flow – PIE.

And if we are following precedent from our former home, a wide interpretation of the subject prevails. So, yes, savory pies would be included, such as quiche. You agree, pg.?

Oh, and I strongly recommend keeping the Dish of the MONTH. People are always free to respond to earlier threads. But the nominating and voting is part of the appeal. And some month’s topics are winners and some are far less popular, so we don’t want to be stuck with them for a whole quarter.