Dish of the Month-October

The LA Board is doing this. I know we tried it before and the venture kind of fell apart, but suppose we take another stab?

LA is doing pie for October, savory or sweet, not to include pizza, but they DO allow quiche. Let’s do it! A good primer for holiday vittles.

Great idea, Dagney.

It’s ok to mirror the LA folks, but it might be a good idea to start a separate nominating and voting thread going forward. Just a thought.

But for this month, how about the pork and chive meat pies at the newly opened Tasty Noodle House on Convoy?

Crispy, crunchy, a bit greasy but not so much that you want to instinctively reach for your grab bag of Zocor. But if you go, definitely get the Shanghai rice cakes.

Tasty Noodle House
Strip mall on corner of Convoy and Opportunity.


Oh good idea…

Ok, you’re in charge of the SD DOTM.

I’m on it! :sunglasses:

< playing Jeopardy theme >

The beef shepherd’s pie at Dan Diego’s on Morena Blvd. is really good and an entire meal in itself. Good selection of beers here, too. Dining on the patio is nicest at night.

But: Wait at least a few days until it cools off a little! Sheesh. This unending heat we’ve had is horrible. Not the kind of weather that inspires having a heavy meal like this one.

I’ll tell you, ipse, you never cease to amaze. As soon as it cools down enough to venture out for a heavy meal, I’ll try this place – and this dish in particular. But I’m so behind now on places to try. Freaky oven-like weather has had an impact.

Hang in there DC, it can’t stay this hot forever. We’re all sweltering

This weather is a perfect excuse to go to Iceskimo.

Stumptown coffee snow with grass jelly and coconut for the win!

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I almost went there on Friday, but the heat had me delirious. What, does Mother Nature think this is Florida?

I veered over to JT’s for some Pad Siu, yum!

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The message said I could retry in four hours, but I’ve been away until now. Here we go, let’s see if this gets past the gate keeper!

Sorry about that @DoctorChow, but the limits only apply to your first day as a registered user (or first 24 hours).

After that, it’s no holds barred posting.

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