Our Whirlpool is not doing a great job any more and since it’s eight years old, nearing the end of its expected ten-year life, rather than have it serviced 'm upgrading to a Miele, which per Wirecutter are designed to last 20 years. Lazy choice, the G5006SCUSS they recommend . Any reason to choose another model?

Do they have good repair service in your area? Miele kitchen appliances are very popular in Hollywood hills homes I’ve noticed the range tops always seem to be in a state of disrepair but maybe their dishwashers are more reliable.

Are you young enough to want a DW that lasts 20 years? I’m not :slight_smile:


I ordered my Miele in September 2020 and the ETA is still unknown!

When I was ordering they estimated mid-April. We’ll see.

FWIW, Consumer Reports rates several Bosch models, and one Thermador, higher than any other brands it reviewed. For some reason, though, it did not list any Miele models at all.

Wirecutter’s current “pick” is a Bosch that’s currently $950. Their current “upgrade pick” is the Miele I ordered, which is only $150 more.

I think Consumer Reports has become useless. The last few times I’ve paid for a month’s access to look at their reviews they have not been helpful.

We bought a Bosch 300 a few yrs ago. Pretty sure it must’ve been way less than $950 at the time, although no idea what it costs now.

We love it (aside from it running hot enough to warp my dental retainer! Argh). Very quiet, cleans really well, and I LOVE the top sliding utensil rack. As in, I love it so much that I can’t imagine ever getting a machine that doesn’t have it.

To be fair, though, our last dishwasher was such a piece of crap that anything would’ve been a vast upgrade, in comparison.

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It’s worldwide and seemingly every industry. We ordered an ottoman from West Elm back in December and they ‘hope’ we’ll have it by June.

It absolutely is. We ordered tile trim from Porcelanosa in early Dec (40% off everything sale). It was supposed to arrive last week at the port. Who knows how long it’ll take to be off-loaded and then sent to the warehouse where it can THEN be delivered to us.

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Interesting… Consumer Reports doesn’t list reliability info for Miele dishwashers. I think their washing machines do recently in reliability. However, when I asked a washing-machine service person about LG vs. Miele (for reliability alone), he didn’t hesitate b/f replying, “LG.”

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Consumer Reports also rates Miele dishwashers’ reliability as Excellent, at least over a five-year span. Yale Appliance’s one-year service data has had some blips recently: The Miele service rate in 2019 was about 20% on 900 units sold. (Buzzing solenoid valves were apparently the most common problem by far—a nuisance, but not a critical failure.) But in 2017, the service rate was under 6%, and in 2020 and 2021 it was back down to about 8% and 8.9%, respectively—among the best in Yale’s records for those years.

Interesting. The link does show a chart of the brands w/ data for Miele dishwashers, but, as @Midlife mentioned, CR hasn’t tested any Miele dishwashers themselves.

FWIW, Miele ranges and cooktops did do poorly for reliability.

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Off-topic but wouldn’t we love to have this in our small RV?

But too pricey.

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Off-topic: I’m now seeing internet ads for Miele dishwashers. Data mining is scary.

::end rant::


Maybe Consumer Reports used to test Miele dishwashers, back when their reviews were useful.

If surveillance advertising is creeping you out, install uBlock Origin.

The Miele I ordered on March 6 has had the status “Waiting for truck to pick up” for most of the time since. Since they’re manufactured in Germany I suppose the war’s going to exacerbate things.

Status page has this note:

We are continuing to procure stock due to the overwhelming demand and shortage of merchandise, however due to reduced operation from all aspects - carriers, suppliers, factories, delivery companies - everything is getting delayed and will continue to get delayed. You could place your order today to secure your place in line. Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis as the items become available for shipment. We are trying our best to have orders shipped out in a timely manner. Please understand there has been and will continue to be factory closures and operations at 40% capacity due to social distancing, carriers operating at limited capacity with an overwhelming amount of deliveries and large order volumes as a result of COVID-19 which are resulting in greatly reduced shipping speeds. Please bear with us, as we are trying our best to make sure that you get your deliveries in a timely fashion. If you do not wish to wait, you can cancel your order any time before if ships, or split your order for the items that are readily available to ship.

Yup, my Miele dishwasher is eta:unknown.
I think I’m gonna switch and buy a different one

is drying mode 2 hot for plastic cups,bowls (if u leave it in)?