Disneyland - The Happiest Place on Girth

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Someone else can take them! If you asked me to give you a list of a hundred - hell, a thousand things I’d like to do - it wouldn’t make the list. Just not for me.

That’s different than comparing prices.

If it cost $25 to go I’d likely put it on my list :slight_smile:

A movie ticket, popcorn and a drink would cost you more than that.

That shows you where it ranks in importance to me :slight_smile: And I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie.


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Where are you seeing movies??? Even iPic doesn’t always hit the $25 mark, does it?

Not gonna lie, the Halloween special hot dog inside DCA in the Hollywood area is not bad.

A foot-long dog that’s beefy and got a great snap! I would be perfectly happy having it served plain, but some folks would like the toppings…though they are heavy-handed. A “spicy” mayo, BBQ sauce, pulled pork, spicy mango chutney (likely laced with serranos or habaneros), chicharone, and pickled onions.

Also comes with some great fried potato curls.


I might head to Disneyland next month and I might commit to an Imagine key (SoCal $449) if it goes on sale soon or SoCal 3 day ticket if I give up on seeing Disneyland during Halloween/Christmas season. I’m concerned about the quality of the food at Disneyland and their prices.

What food is good to bring to Disneyland?

I could use ideas from Trader Joes/Costco/Aldi/etc or Portos/Cream Pan/etc.

I also could use ideas what to buy inside Disneyland, such as Jolly Holiday combo.

I don’t have a great answer but no one noticed else has answered your question yet.

I was actually surprised to learn you can bring food into the park!

Seems the rules make it clear that the food packing should be pretty discreet. So I think usual snack foods (like nuts) or easily wrapped sandwich (if you go to Porto’s). Can’t imagine bringing any dessert type stuff, since I think it’d get smashed.

Maybe some granola bars and such. And def a lot of water.

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Classic Disneyland eats for us were banh mi sandwiches.

These days I think the Disney food is good enough or nostalgic enough to be better than whatever cold food is being brought from outside the park.

There’s always Downtown Disney for better eats too.

  • Nijiya for cold sandwiches / Inari / etc?
  • H Mart for ban chan spread
  • Jimmy Sugi bentos for baller status
  • from Costco I find the croissant sandwiches travel best and are better received than other offerings (eg the pinwheel sandwiches)

Our favorite nostalgic eats at Disney are corn dogs, fried chicken at Carnation Cafe and Dole Whip. Lately we’ve been stopping at Cortinas for sandwiches which hold up very well. Bring lots of bottled water. You can get ice and water at some of the side machines but not sure what the new covid era rules are.

Salt n Straw ice cream outside the park is always great.

California Adventure has a decent selection of beers. Friends like Lamplight Lounge but you need to make reservations.


Yep this is the power trio right here. Too bad the Cove @ DCA isn’t around anymore - that place was a lot better than it needed to be.


HA! Obviously ours was Mini Burritos. So good.



Wooo, Earl of Sandwich is back at Downtown Disney. $9 for their sandwiches!

Now I’m trying to get enough discounted Disney gift cards for the whole year for 2. They were 10% off at Best Buy awhile ago.

Edit: Has anyone ordered any kid’s meals, without bringing a kid? It has been a dream of mine to dine in Disneyland as a kid (I remember only eating what my parents brought in). I’m much older now though it would be nice to be a kid for a moment.


You can totally order kid’s meals sans kid at the quick-service, order-and-take-your-tray type places - they probably (gratefully) assume your kid is somewhere away from the line. The hotlink corndog from Corndog Castle (CA Adventure) is the jam. If you are into it, just learned you can ask for Tajín for the Dole Whip at the Tiki Juice Bar.

Second the banh mi - Westminster is about a 10-minute detour and has so much good food. We’ve done takeout nem nuong cuon (grilled pork spring rolls) from Brodard Chateau pre-Disney, too.

Brodard Chateau
9100 Trask Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92844


I can’t vouch for this, but I’m aware that are folks who come in for seasonal offerings at the parks.
From what I hear, the savory items have a higher rate of success. The sweet items tend to be way too sweet…but my sample size has been very small. The current Lunar New Year offerings are not entirely successful except for the cocktails and a few scant items.
I have been known to day drink when I’m at DCA, and the cocktails are much better and the food better at Carthay Circle (reservations highly recommended or use the mobile app to get on the walk-in list).
The app also allows for mobile food orders which allows you to avoid the lines.


DCA is the superior park :joy: