Disneyland - The Happiest Place on Girth

Here is a photo recap of a descent into the caloric wonderland of Disneyland. Some of these food items are seasonal, so they may not be around after October. Overall, everything was pretty dang goooood. Surprisingly really good, sometimes.

Mickey Pretzel (Frontierland Cart / Disneyland)

Poison Apple Cake Pop (Sweets Shop Mainstreet / Disneyland)

XXL Afternoon Tea (Fantasyland / Disneyland)

Safari Swizzle & HippopotoMai-Tai (Trader Sam’s / Disneyland Hotel)

Cheese Pizza (Pizza Port / Disneyland)

Seasonal Pumpkins

Lobster Nachos (Cove Bar / California Adventure)

Zombie (Cove Bar / California Adventure)

Bloody Mary (Cove Bar / California Adventure)

Poison Appletini (Carthay Circle / California Adventure)

Slow-cooked Beef Poutine (Red Rose Tavern / Disneyland)

Milk & Honey Funnel Cake (Hungry Bear Restaurant / Disneyland)

Not pictured:

  • Firefly Nachos – basically a Frito Pie – (Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner / Disneyland)
  • Purple Sugar Churro (Cart / California Adventure)
  • Dinner at Carthay Circle (California Adventure)

Honestly as I kept scrolling down I wanted to see a big fat corn dog


Blasphemy, I know. This go-round was more about trying seasonal/things I hadn’t had before. Next time, I won’t let you down.

How were the lobster nachos??? :smiley:

So much alcohol. We used to have to sneak in flasks if we wanted to drink.

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For your viewing pleasure



Those lobster nachos are a guilty pleasure of mine. Also the fried chicken from Plaza Inn.


What’s Disneyland?


Apparently it is a place where if you pay for admission and then pay for the food contained in those pics, you could have had dinner at Saison for the same price.


You know your going when Star Wars Land opens

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Nah. I find the actual sword arts which inspired lightsaber fighting immensely more interesting.


Miyamoto Musashi. Book of Five Rings. Kurosawa/Mifune movies. Shogun Assassin. Lone Wolf and Cub manga. Vagabond manga. Kendo! If I had a Chowpup he would take Kendo classes!

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Awww… so cynical.

For my son’s sixth birthday, he got to battle Darth Mar. My little padawan was so incredibly fierce and brave. A thousand times better than Saison. And we had Dole whips. :sunglasses:


Nice, Trader Sam’s my Sunday day-drinking hangout :pineapple::tropical_drink::pineapple:

My fave meal at Disneyland. Hands down.


Shockingly, I’ve never been to a Disney or Disney-esque property and have no interest. I also shudder to think what all that food cost. Dinner Saison indeed !

They were solid, but I don’t neeeed them again. But like @thechez5, I have friends who love them and always get them.

You prolly already know this, but for what it’s worth, there is only alcohol in California Adventure - none in Disneyland. Also, it’s “Darth Maul,” not “Darth Mar” :sunglasses:

Isn’t a dinner for two at Saison +$1,000? How much do you think churros cost???

We lucked out and got a seat at the bar right away. Love it there.



I blame my phone. :space_invader:


That’s too bad. If you break down the ticket cost per hour (compared to a play, sporting event, etc.) and know where to eat/drink- you can have a wonderful time. I’m thinking one of the grands might like it and you too :jack_o_lantern:

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