Do people here go to Kape Republik (Cerritos)?

My first time here today.

My first reaction? Love. Utter love. Like puppy love combined with a secret grade-schooler teacher crush kind of love.

The Baked Turon is like a Hostess Fruit Pie, but about 1,000,000 x better.

The Ube Crinkle reminds me of a less sweet, more complex pain au chocolat. Good good stuff.

Wash it all down with the Purple Rain.

Kape Republik
17206 Norwalk Blvd (x-street Artesia and right off the 91 fwy)

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All of my Filipino friends are in love with that place. I’be abstained because I’m not an ube fan, but I do enjoy a nice turon. This place is close to my office…thanks for the note. I’ll try to swing by this week.

I was really looking forward to trying this place a couple months ago, but I hated it. The crinkle bite was good, not great, and the ube brownie was very one-note: way too sweet. If you’re looking for a sugar bomb, this place is it. Overall, I found the crinkle and the brownie to be waaaaaaay too sugary.

I also had a Lavender Fog (Lavender and Vanilla) Milk Tea. Originally, I wanted to try a Geisha, but the girl at the register told me that their matcha powder is very sweet to the point she herself finds it a bit much. I asked if the Lavender Fog had the sweetness in the Vanilla syrup, and she said yes, so I asked if I could try it light on the vanilla. When my drink came, I was told that they used half the vanilla they normally do. I took one sip, and YIKES it was sweet. I could barely taste the lavender over the taste of sugar. I can’t even imagine what a full amount of vanilla would be, and now I suspect that the lavender tea itself may be pre-sweetened.

I dunno, I had hoped to try a crinkle bite (small version of their ube crinkle specialty baked item) and the ube brownie, but overall I much prefer the flavors up at Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe up in Grenada Hills in terms of complexity and balance of flavors. The drinks here are just as overpoweringly sweet as the baked goods and not refreshing at all, so unless you really want to get fat and diabetic, I’d stay away from this place and choose another Filipino-inspired shop that can make things flavorful and moist with other ingredients than just sugar, lots and lots of sugar.