Do you eat while you drive?

While on the highway, take a bite of that sandwich. A sip of that beverage or coffee. Stop and go. Oops! A spill or stain here and there. It can be dangerous, too. I have had those mishaps. Have you? Please share…

Never tacos or McRibs!

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All the time I like things piping hot so I always end up eating while driving. If it’s something super messy usually I’ll pull over.

i usually eat in the car but not while i’m driving. i have a tray that attaches to the steering wheel for in-car dining enjoyment.


Tell me more about this tray!

just something i bought from Amazon, a bunch of sellers sell it


Thank you!

Could you post of photo of that please/??

the link doesn’t show up with the pictures for you?

No. Too dangerous. Especially given how much worse some drivers have gotten during the pandemic.

Oops there it is. Brilliant.

Could you share a citation to support this please?

To my knowledge it’s not yet explicitly illegal in any state, which makes no sense, since it’s at least as dangerous as texting, which is illegal in every state but Montana. You can, however, be cited for distracted driving, which is why so many law firms have web pages soliciting business from people who have been.

I don’t use my eyes to eat. I can easily hold a small burger in one hand.

  • According to a Lytx study in 2014, a driver who is drinking or eating is 3.6 times more likely to be in an automobile crash than attentive drivers who are not eating or drinking while driving.
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that the “secondary task distraction” of eating or drinking from an open container while driving increases the likelihood of near-miss crashes or crashes by nearly 39 per cent.

Everybody will of course claim that they are nit distracted but the facts are very different

I wonder if there’s data comparing eating to texting.

Comparably distracting

And to put it in perspective

Absolutely not I’m going 75 . And I have a no food in the car Claus. For myself and passengers. To messy . Even if parked.

You don’t use them to talk on the phone, either, but you also shouldn’t do that while you drive.