Do you go to Grand Central Market to eat? Are you likely to go to

…the Original Farmer’s Market (food stall area) more often if the offerings were upgraded? It’s obvious they need some modernization over there and I have an idea brewing.

Would this be more of a destination for people with better options?


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Yes and Yes.

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I’m still a fan of Magee’s Kitchen and Littlejohn’s at the Original Farmer’s Market.


I agree on the Toffee place. Will go grab a pastrami soon. We live across the damn street and I never tried this. Or is that corned beef?

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Yes it’s corned beef and it’s pretty darn good.

You got me perked up. will try this week… what other stalls are they near? I see that line for the brazilian bbq all the time but never looked good enough to wait… have you tried?

At Farmers Market, I’m a sucker for D’Amore’s pizza (owned by the daughter of Patsy D’Amore, the owner of the famous Hollywood hang out Villa Capri that spawned La Scala, Dan Tana’s, Marino’s, Matteo’s and more - all were waiters and busboys there), love their simple gooey cheese pizza.

You could do a lot worse than the red beans and rice from the Gumbo Pot. It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s pretty good, especially if you have a soft spot for Cajun food.

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Not bad…you are charged by weight (not your weight but the plate). Always a line.

I am also a fan of Fritzi for Hot Dogs, Ulysses Voyage for Greek and Bob’s Donuts.


I just can’t do it. I’ve tried that place twice and just hated it. Singapore Banana and Loteria every time for us so far.

SK and ICDC Donuts are very close. I can’t see myself picking Bob’s over them

@yogachik - Interesting history.

EDIT:::: take it back… haven’t tried this place… thought it was the crappy slice shop at the FM.

I keep trying but can’t seem to abide by this. Maybe i’m a snob… Maybe i have this going on at home currently :P…

Take it back… no I haven’t tried D’Amore’s Pizza. It’s not at the grove/FM but down the street. looks pretty good. thanks

D’Amore’s is in the actual Farmers Market—they are next door to Bob’s doughnuts. They just remodeled their facade. There is also another pizza place in the Market, Deano’s, which is across from the Gumbo Pot. The pizza @ Pizza Romana is much better than both.

I know that the Market is looking for a bakery to replace Shortcake……….

I’m going to have to go talk to the leasing office.

If D’Amore’s is right by Huntington’s Meat then that is not very good pizza at all… The spot down the street on 3rd looks like a much more legit pizza place. What they make at the grove is really poor. I know because my kid often asks for it when walking around and I’ve tried it a few times.

I’m confused.

The title to your thread mentions “Grand Central Market to eat?” but then in the body of your post you ask about the Original Farmer’s Market.

@LAgirl - Wow. Thee’s Bakery was in that spot over 30 years. Shortcakes - even with the backing of Nancy Silverton - didn’t make it past 5 years.