Do you recycle your Zip Lock bags...jars and containers?

I save the zip lock bags, unless it had something stank in there…

Love saving the mayo/ketchup jars from room service…after a run in the dishwasher, I use them for little vases for flowers.

The big Jelly Belly container from Costco is good to capture scorpions and big spiders…:ant:

The Classico pasta sauce jars my DH likes me to save for stuff that guys do in the garage…

What do you recycle?

Definitely jars, most of which have come as the result of getting to-go coffee from Bar Nine in Culver City. I’ll also try to save some zip locks depending on what was previously in them. My best recycling is probably with tin cans that work great as succulent holders.

As I think back, I once saved a bunch of tin foil but never ended up reusing it and threw it out when I moved. Those were strange times.

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I recycle the paper towels if they are used for just wiping a water spot…have a little spot underneath the sink, where they all hang out and dry out and my DH sings the stupid ass song he made up…‘Save it, Save it’…
Prick…ha ha ha

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You’re funny. Yep, I definitely like to be green.

Let’s see:
I save the ziplocks for re-use if they had bread or crackers in them. The rest I use to store food waste in the freezer until trash day… I don’t like stinky trash cans.

I’ve saved a few little hotel condiment jars to fill with honey or mustard. They look kinda’ cool on a cheese board. The maple syrup ones are the cutest.

I already mentioned the Blue Apron stuff I reuse.

To go utensil packs are good for picnics.

Oh yeah - baby food jars are good for nails, screws, etc.

Where the heck do you live?

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I grow succulents too. When you say “holders” do you mean for transplanting or do you keep them in the cans? Just curious.

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The tin foil thing is funny!

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I recycle Talenti gelato plastic containers . They’re great with those screw top lids .

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@Emglow101 - Me too! And they’re BPA-Free

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San Diego…:sunrise:

Love plum baby food…:baby:

Just found this as I was about to post on the subject of reuse/recycle/repurpose.

I reuse foil if it’s not befouled. Fold it into small rectangles and it has a place in a drawer. Plastic bread bags are good for sticking a small bowl or plate into for temporary storage in the fridge. We reuse paper plates a whole bunch of times. When we get takeout/drive thru food we save the napkins. They work great for covering something small to MW. Talenti gelato jars are super. Nice tight lids. Especially good for road trips.

What about you?