Do you use one's IP address or email when signing up on FTC?

Just curious so it doesn’t make for posters who like to be dual personalities. .

Discourse’s “Sign up” form requires an email address or Google account. Is there some other way to sign up?

Anybody who wanted multiple accounts could use multiple email addresses.

The prolific ‘Sybil’ poster, who has multiple accounts on CH, then came to FTC for about a month.

I know you register by email, but if you use different email, some will see, if your on the computer, your IP address and not let you register on the same computer…guess, the key to that is using different devices.

Catfishing, as I understand as it is called.

Just sad …

I think the only way to seriously block attempts to create multiple logins is to require a credit card. Is it a problem worth worrying about? I haven’t heard any complaints.

Lots of people share computers with family members etc. so may legitimately have multiple logins from the same IP.

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