Dodger Stadium Chow

Headed to Dodger Stadium tonight, and it’s been two years since I’ve been. Anything new and Chow-worthy?

At Dodger Stadium? Or on the way there?

If the latter, I’d be tempted to stop off at House of Bao in Chinatown.

Pan-fried buns for the win!

House of Bao
Caesar Chavez Ave (X-street Grand Ave)

Is Little Jewel relatively close (and open)? I think the place has gotten pretty recent reviews.

Buns sound awesome, but we’ll be dining at the stadium.

FYI, current Stadium concessions are crap. There was a period there where there was decent variety: Canter’s, King Taco, Gordon Biersch, Carl’s Jr. No more. It’s all in-house stuff. Exemplifying the homogeneity: The “LA Taqueria” that replaced King Taco has exactly one type of meat–carne asada–and if you can believe this, no hot sauce. None.

Beyond a Dodger Dog, it’s slim pickins there anymore.

(this excludes the Tommy Lasorda joint…too far away from our seats to bother.)

Always Langer’s berfore 4pm and you can do curbside pickup when you call ahead…

I don’t know about the rest of L.A., but I have to be there for the first pitch. And I’m always running late. Which means, I NEVER have time to stop somewhere en route.

Sadly, this dooms me to Dodger Dogs or a dinner of Nachos In A Helmet.

Would that it were not so.

If coming from West Hollywood or Mid City a bag of Ink.Sack sandwiches travel wonderfully. Same with Bay Cities Italian Market in the Santa Monica area.

I was disappointed in House of Bao.

For Chinatown, you have to lower your standards.

Certainly not as low for points west of La Cienega, but still lower.

I seriously think we Angelenos are spoiled. No, actually, I know we are.

Spending time in SD, for example, will make you envy what is available outside the 626.

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Ink.Sack sandwiches travel wonderfully. Same with Bay Cities Italian Market

Yep! So do some Orleans and York Sandwiches. They have a new place on Spring in DTLA for easy pick up.


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Jesstifer–im in agreement with most folks here that there’s not much but i got no problem with nachos yellow cheese and pickled jalapenos and good beer…after three or four the dodger dogs aren’t so terrible!

Texas Frito Pie Dodger Dog and it was not bad…

I had the Big Kid Dog last Friday. The Mac and Cheese was a bit Bland, but the Fritos and smokey/salty hot dog saved the day. It wasn’t awful. But for the price, I’d rather bring in a O&Y Roast Beef and Onion Sandwich.


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playoffs make them taste better!


That’s definitely not finger food.