Does anyone else roast chicken like this?

I find that massaging the thighs so that the bird is open for heat, the chicken roasts so much more evenly than trussing.

450F on bottom rack, convection for 45 minutes.

Thoughts? I know, it defies convention but results for me have been great.

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“My” method is the Zuni Cafe (SF) one. I once asked on CH if anyone had done it and any other what did they prefer. Zuni was the unanimous choice.

And the salad is ridiculously good.

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So no trussing either?


This is almost always a good idea.


I never truss mainly because I’m too lazy. But it turns out just fine.

I do sort of a hybrid. I roast the chicken in the Marcella Hazan style, and make the Zuni bread salad as an accompaniment. Very happy making.

Would that be this recipe?

And you like it better than the Zuni?

Although I have enjoyed the real thing at the Café several times, I have never tried the Zuni recipe at home. I was always attracted to the Hazan recipe for its simplicity and the lemon flavor. I am also a big fan of some of her other classics: lasagne Bolognese, tomato/onion/butter sauce, milk braised pork, to name a few.

I make her Bolognese sauce in enormous batches a few times a year and freeze in portions. Then I make her green lasagna. Still an all day process but still worth it. I freeze the tomato/onion/butter sauce in small portions and use it on pizza.

You might want to give the Zuni chicken a try. Ever easier and super good. And that salad is just perfect.

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Will do!

I like trussing. It makes me feel très français.

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LOL :slight_smile:

I just use Cornish game hens when I want to make “roast chicken”

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How do you prepare it though?

Brine, rinse, pat dry, roast. No trussing.

Do you dry brine for a couple of days?

No, overnight (or no more than 12 hours)

Zuni is at least two days.

chickens are bigger (and more importantly, thicker).