Does anyone make a Chili Chicken Burger?

If so, do tell.

Thank you.

@ipsedixit Just to clarify, do both the chili and the burger components need to be made with chicken?

Not chicken, but you could probably have The Hat put chili on their turkey burger.

Regular (i.e., beef) chili is fine. But it has to be a chicken burger, however.

Not quite the same, but Fatburger will put chili on their chicken sandwiches.

Chicken burgers don’t seem to be as popular here as they are in other countries. Everyone’s about turkey around here. I prefer chicken burgers – I’m not a big fan of ground turkey.

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Neither am I, but I’m not even sure where to get a chicken burger, let alone one with chili on it.

Where do you normally see chicken burgers? I’m assuming we’re talking about a ground chicken patty as opposed to whole pieces.

i can’t think of a single place that serves ground chicken in a sandwich./burger. the chicken is in one piece, either grilled or breaded and deep fried.

maybe get some chicken larb with some thai chilis and put it in a hamburger bun? chili on a turkey burger makes much more sense to me.

Stout Burger has ground chicken burgers:

good for them. it takes work to get ground chicken to bind properly

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Someone needs to go next level and make a Tsukune ramen burger.


Wow. I’m 4 years behind the curve.


Burgerim has chicken burgers. Unfortunately no chili, so no dice.

I found it.

The Counter offers the option of a Chicken Burger with Chili.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and efforts.


This may belong on the FTC Confessions thread. :wink:

We have some Costco chicken burger patties in our freezer. I made some chicken sandwiches last week, and they were good. I’ll have to get some real buns and chili next.

Humble Potato’s chicken patty sandwich is quite nice, complete with fried egg, but no curry. They do have a breaded chicken breast sandwich with Japanese curry. I bet they would let you swap the breast for a chicken patty. I’ve only frequented the Westchester location, but there is also a Humble Potato in Culver City.

Edit (I don’t know how to delete) - curry is not exactly chili. Sorry to get your hopes up :crying_cat_face:

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That’s a chicken sandwich, and there are tons of those to be found.

i don’t disagree, but the places selling them list them on their menus as burgers, which means even if you did an online menu search through something like yelp, you’d have a difficult time ascertaining what their ‘chicken burger’ actually was.

Totally agree.

So what is the best chicken burger in town? Any better than the nomad truck? That patty is pretty juicy.

i honestly don’t know. it’s never been a high priority for me to find one.