Does anyone still order/serve Swordfish/Tilapia at restaurants?

I can’t imagine that any chef worth his/her salt is serving tumor ridden sword or mud laden tilapia in the last decade?
Do you all see it on menus?
If someone at your table orders it…do you step in and say…NO!!

Love your take on this subject…merci!

Tilapia’s not uncommon on Chinese menus in Manhattan. It also shows up in fish tacos. It’s not my first choice, but I don’t run screaming from it.

The visual of you small _h screaming and running with tilapia on the menu is cracking me up.
Valid points on the Chinese restaurants in Manhattan…
Agree that it is used in more Asian restaurants…

I guess being from San Diego, I am a little bias.
They still sell tilapia at my Costco and it never moves…
Alaskan Halibut, Ling Cod from NZ, Sea Bass from Mexico or Big Eye Tuna from da islands is gone almost from the minute it hits the shelf…

There’s nothing wrong with swordfish or tilapia if you source them properly.


Almost all the seafood I buy to cook at home is local, from the Union Square Greenmarket. So no tilapia, no swordfish, no tuna. At restaurants, though, anything goes. I wouldn’t buy live crabs in Chinatown, but I’d eat steamed crabs at a restaurant in Chinatown. I realize this makes no sense. Yet there it is.

What is local in NYC?

I presume you get bluefish in season? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in the SF area.

A local Italian restaurant (3 locations, I think) added a tilapia salad to their roasted salmon salad a while back. I believe they also have a halibut salad… but no swordfish.

Yes, I love bluefish. It’s assertive, so not for everyone. Here’s the list of what’s available and when, from my favorite vendor.

So no uni, no yellowtail, no spiny lobster, no pacific oysters? That idea of that depresses me.

John Dory! Oh, man.

No, those aren’t available locally sourced. They’re easy enough to find in fish stores & restaurants, though, with the exception of spiny lobster, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen on a Manhattan menu.

Chicken of the farmed fish pond.

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