Does Maman (SoHo) make the best chocolate chip cookie in NYC?

I hope so, because if there’s a better one out there, someone needs to inform the DEA.

239 Centre Street (x-street Grand St.)

Ooh. I haven’t tried Maman’s cookies. How would you describe the texture? I don’t like super crisp cookies, but also don’t like them to be too doughy. I’ve enjoyed the cookies from Levain (on the edge of too doughy), Chikalicious, and Ovenly (wonderful chewy texture, possibly some vegan magic there), if you can compare it to any of those.

We’ve been to Maman once in late October 2014. We had that cookie.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

I rarely eat store made chocolate chip cookies – or, for that matter, any other type of cookie – so I can’t judge it against others. But it was delicious. And, btw, the soup and quiche we had were also excellent.

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I’m as RGR. I dont normally eat cookies, but when I do I head to Kahve or Liddabit

I have never been to Maman, but me thinks it will change soon

It’s definitely better than Kahve. Never been to Liddabit as I rarely get to Brooklyn.

The Maman cookie has pedigree.