Does this fish sandwich need a hash-brown? Ummm No

So I was in the area of MacArthur Park today, remembering there was a new place I wanted to try. Crispy School was in the back of my head since they had fried fish sandwich among other things. It’s a small place on the corner of 6th and Occidental. You’ll miss it if you’re heading west on 6th . It seems to be run by a nice Japanese couple (edit: My bad, they’re a Korean couple). The sandwich was a good size, unlike some recent monstrosities I’ve had. Even my favorite, the Phil Lee O Fish at HoneyBird is a bit on the big size and can be as bit soggy at the end. These filets however were covered in Panko and were crispy and tender to the last bite. The slight disappointment came from the fries being fried in-n-out style. The side of kale-apple slaw was good. There was not too much kale, though some might think it’s over dressed.

I’ll have to go back soon. I was so focused on the fish sandwich I didn’t notice things on the menu like the Sunnyburst sandwich which features a deep fried, runnny egg. Plus, there’s a Donkatsu sandwich which could be excellent.


Look interesting but are you sure the couple running it is Japanese? If they spell something as “donkatsu” that makes me think they are probably Korean.

Either way its nice that something interesting has opened in that strip mall.

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A family member came in with an infant was was speaking what I thought was Japanese which is why I made that leap.

Crispy School’s food is tight, and the proprietors are Korean. My Galbi Burger was great.



Are they out of soft opening mode and open full time? I was there a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday for lunch (based on JL’s scouting) and even thought they had a sign on the door saying they were open, the door was locked and they weren’t open. I drove by this weekend and they didn’t look open either…

There was still a hand written note on the door stating they are still in soft opening mode.

Looks great, and those fries look better than InO’s well done. Any idea what kind of fish that is? I ask because I avoid basa and its ilk.