Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants in San Diego

Since I have one of the cutest dogs in the world, my doggie and I like to hit it up around town. .

BTW, I’m not one of those D-Bags that force my dog onto your personal space…:princess:
Where do you like to dine or drink with your dog?


I like them medium rare


Listen Korean Berlin Boy…
There are 30+ dogs at the Helen Woodward Center in the Ranch that were rescued from those idiot fucks in South Korea from being served on a a plate…
Let’s have some compassion Herr Honk…
I still :heart: your sorry ass…

There’s a pretty good-sized area for dogs at the Liberty Public Market. I don’t have a dog, but it seems so natural for them to be there. And if not on the grounds of the market, the park along the water at LS is a truly wonderful, very, very mellow place to be, and one in which of course dogs are welcome.

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Our Lucy is a regular at Patio on Goldfinch.

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**What a great pic…thanks Fakey!

:heart_eyes: :dog2:

Also has been to Farmers Bottego on several occasions.


Looks like a chow hound for sure.

Here’s my 88 lb (BRD) Big Red Dog (He’s a very large Red-tri Australian Shepherd). . . may have seen him at Poway Farmers market or various restaurant patios such as Wich Addiction (good place that allows doggies).

Sweetest dog in the world. Loves everybody and everything. Literally wouldn’t hurt a fly. Wont even chase the damn rabbits in my yard and they know it and graze around him with impunity.



What a sweet baby!
Love the paws!
Such a lovebug!!:heart_eyes:

Yep 13 yo this last October 2015 (the above pic was taken September) and he still acts like a puppy (boy was he cute). We got really lucky with this rescue dog!


I want to hug and kiss that lovebug…Wallace Austin!
GA GA Gorgeous!

We didn’t name him. He came with the moniker, Wallace Austin the 3rd. The puppy picture was sent to us by Aussie Rescue. We got him at 11 months old… He thinks he’s a lap dog and will try to crawl into your lap at every opportunity. Usually just rests his head and upper body in your lap. Very cuddly.

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Chow hound. LOL! Very mellow-looking dog.

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Went to Liberty Public Market yesterday and it was filled with tons of dogs around the property.
Saw a couple of dogs inside but don’t know if that was kosher…it was packed around 2pm…
Wish I brought my baby…