Dog-Friendly Brewery in Arcata, Humboldt County

On our latest road-trip up north with the dogs, we stayed in Trinidad. We stopped by the Redwood Curtain Brewing Company and it was so good, we made sure to stop by again on our way home. They have a large selection of beers, though they can run out quickly. Some of the beers are exceptionally complex. They also can the beers to order, which is great since they last longer than growlers. They don’t serve food but have plenty of tables and welcome folks to bring their own food.

This is a sandwich we picked up in Orick after a hike in the actual redwoods, to eat with Redwood Brewing beers.

They don’t can everything to go, which is huge bummer but lucky for the locals!


Their most recent review on Yelp says: Update 7/17/17 we wanted to go back, but they no longer allow dogs. Bummer :frowning:

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Wow! That is a huge bummer!

Thank you for the head-ups!

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Any other dog friendly places that you like that have great food for our trip next week along the N. Cal. Coast (S.F. to Portland)?

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In Petaluma, there is a dog friendly patio at this brewery in downtown area.

If you are in Petaluma, I highly recommend the dog friendly bookstore - the pups are welcome to walk through the aisles with you!

In Bodega Bay, these two places share the same dog friendly patio with water views.

Point Reyes is not very dog friendly, in terms of places to eat, but Marshall area has a couple of places. Been coming here for years but it’s a real zoo now, but still dog friendly.

This place is calmer, with dog friendly outdoor seating.

On the 1, in Gualala, this place has good fried food and a second floor dog friendly patio with some blue water views.

It was raining the days we went, but I suspect they allow dogs on their patios here in Point Arena. We had lunch and came back for breakfast.

Best fish n chips with craft beer and a dog friendly patio on the dock at Sea Pal in Fort Bragg.

Around 15 minutes east of Arcata, is Mad River. It has a dog friendly patio. We were disappointed with the beers, but the food was good enough. They have tater tots which were great as leftovers for breakfast.

Though we didn’t eat there, the Arcata downtown was nice with a large park in the center and most shops let us bring in dogs.

In McKinneyville, this place is a tiny craft brewery that serves no food but is dog friendly. You can bring your own food.

We didn’t go here but think they allow dogs on patio.

Good luck and post your trip!!

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San Francisco native, Maria Goodavage has written a few books on dog friendly places.

edit: The name of one the books is: The California Dog Lover’s Companion.

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Wow, thank you so much for these suggestions!

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You’re welcome!

I live in LA, so most of our dog trips are between here and Cambria, or here and Sea Ranch, so that’s where I have a long list of dog friendly places! I keep meaning to write them up in a blog!

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