Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Like @Dommy, we take our dog out on food adventures. Do you guys have any recommendations for dog-friendly restaurants? Yuko Kitchen, Olson’s Deli, The Trails, and Valerie Echo Park spring to mind.

We stopped by Yellow Fever to pick up lunch today and happened upon their fundraiser for Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles. We had our dog with us, so they welcomed us to the festivities. Chef Kelly Kim gave our dog a box of homemade dog biscuits and two small bags of organic dog food. We ended up making a contribution to this great organization.

Dogs waiting for Kelly Kim to dole out her treats.

I thought I’d break this topic into its own thread because I figure the crossover pet and restaurant topic may be annoying to some.


Sqirl in Silver Lake is dog friendly. If only I could eat there without wanting to smash the average Sqirl patron into a fine paste.


Ah, thanks for the reminder, @Jemange! I do subscribe to Sqirl’s dog feed on Instagram. Well, they’re supposed to open a take-out shop. That might help with avoiding their clientele.

I just remembered that Wax Paper Co and American Tea Room are dog-friendly as well.

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Scary dogs! :wink:

You probably know this, but LA allows eateries the discretion on allowing dogs into their outdoor eating areas as long as that area has access from outside. With that said, I’ve found that most places with those accommodations in the Westside allow dogs.

I was enjoying a decent Spring day at Plan Check’s patio in Little Osaka yesterday. Three tables had pooches of varying sizes. Earlier, I picked up a couple of drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Wilshire in SaMo. Was standing in line and the guy in front was holding his smallish pooch while ordering, then let the pooch have the run of the patio while taking in his order. Everyone either acknowledged and ignored the dog, or fawned the usual, “Ohhh - aren’t you so cute!” line.

I think every area around LA is a little different in their view on the issue, as is every place, depending on level of casualness and clientele. Venice? Dogtown. So many food and non-food businesses have water bowls set out, implying dogs are people too.


Maybe, but Sqirl to me is not human friendly


Yeah, I know! They’ve got their eyes trained on the homemade dog biscuits.

Plan Check is a great idea! Yeah, I do agree the fawning over cute (usually tiny) dogs can be annoying and overbearing, but it’s a great ice breaker in a town which can be a bit snooty sometimes.

Yeah, I do recall that LA loosened their restrictions on dining with the pooch. I believe that Thousand Oaks enacted a similar measure as well, which is helpful because I often meet my folks out there. Thanks for your helpful insight as always, @bulavinaka!

Sorry if I gave the impression that the fawning is annoying. I’m often guilty as charged. I love dogs.

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No worries, @bulavinaka. So sorry I misinterpreted your post. I guess I was steeling myself for criticism for my dog-related thread. Glad to hear you’re a dog aficionado as well. As always, many thanks for your very helpful contributions to CH and FTC throughout the years!

Yep! It’s the entire state now actually. But I always call ahead because you never know. Aqui es Texcoco has a patio, but when I called to ask them if we could bring our foster (And asked nicely in Spanish) they were like what??!? Also sometimes there are times they will allow dogs, Fat Dog in WeHo had that.

There are certain restaurants that actually accommodate for dogs. Pingtung has a very nice patio and Just Food For Dog Treats at the Table. As does Anzutei downtown. Wirsthouse also has a nice covered patio and occassionally a housemade dog treat on their menu (call ahead). Our favorite though is the Must in DTLA. They always have their housemade dog treats and treat all our fosters like kings. Even our little ones in recovery. They get a table with plenty of space and make sure they get all they might need.


Hi MaladyNelson,

Huntington Meats in the Third and Fairfax Farmers’ Market. It’s a butcher shop, not a restaurant, but it’s off the charts dog friendly. They make dog food which is offal (beef hearts, chicken gizzards, etc.) ground up and frozen in to cubes. Our dogs go crazy over this dog food. Best of all, if you bring your dog the butchers will feed them strips of raw bacon. Our dogs get so excited when they realize that they are at the Farmers’ Market.


They let dogs into the FM area? surprised. I get my sausages and bacon there. Though Harris Ranch ew

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Hi Nemroz,

Yes, they do allow dogs in the Farmers’ Market. I’ve taken my dogs many times. There is also a bakery for dogs, Three Dog Bakery. It’s expensive, but they give out samples.

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Thanks for the info and all the great recommendations, @Dommy. Cute picture of the pup with the cone of shame!

@maccrogenoff and @Nemroz, I hadn’t thought of taking my dog to the Original Farmers Market on Fairfax. I’ll have to check out the dog food at Huntington Meats. And darn, I was just there last Thursday. I guess I have a good excuse to make another trip.

We usually go to the Three Dog Bakery in Mar Vista since it’s next to our vet’s office. They have some sort of rewards system - if you aren’t already signed up. I’ve been able to get lots of free treats.

I forgot to mention that Sweet Rose Creamery is very dog friendly - another reason I like them so much. They usually give my dog a small complimentary scoop.

Also, back in the old stopping grounds, I had a post that looked for order window places. We like to start the new ones on those because we never know how they react with a waitress swooping by (They can start off a bit jumpy). So for those we love… Top Round in Mid City, Cerveteca in Culver City and Horse Thief at GCM. Food trucks also, my Shep group often convienes at Ladies Night out in Burbank at the last Friday of the month.


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In the Valley I heartily recommend the Blue Dog Beer Tavern (for burgers and beer - everything else is suspect). When I show up with Rupert at least three or four staff members will come out to pay respects. The Fat Dog in NoHo is another dog-friendly place, as is Laurel Tavern. The Eclectic Cafe on Lankershim is a dog-friendly place, albeit a little upscale from my other recommendations.

Rupert is not interested in food. Just throw the ball please!


And bones!

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Some more really good tips! I’ve been meaning to try Top Round and Cerveteca for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Thanks again, @dommy!

Thanks for the Valley recommendations, @ebethsdad. My in-laws live there, so this info will definitely come handy. Rupert is very handsome, by the way.

And one can never underestimate the power of bones where a dog is concerned, @outshinedLA!

Here’s a photo of my dog Coco at the Westlake Village outpost of Lemonade with my mom and mother-in-law. Needless to say, Lemonade is very dog-friendly.


Why has no one mentioned Shake Shack yet?

They of the house-made dog biscuits?

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The hour and a half long lines might have something to do with it.

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More reason to bring your dog.

Misery loves company.