Dominique Ansel: Cronuts

This was not what I expected. It is more like a custard filled donut with layers. Very heavy, we bought 2 and each ate less than half.

This DKA though? Fucking awesome and no need to preorder. Cheaper to boot.

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Make sure to stop off at the Kitchen in the West Village.

He’s offering Pavlova made with “strawberries of the woods” for a limited time while supplies, as they say, last.

I’m not ashamed to say I have never tried the Cronut. Not a big fan of donuts nor croissants so what are the chances…

Some combos just make sense qua combo.

I don’t really like cream cheese and prefer my raw salmon unbrined, but sometimes a bagel with lox and cream cheese can be a thing of beauty. Just sometimes.

But I get what you’re saying.

Yes, different story with savory.

I dont like Olives, but like most things made with it, including spreads

DKA lyfe.