Don't order dumplings at Tasty Dumpling House, but do go for the pork pump

Restaurant was flipped in June, dumplings and xiao long bao all now “bought”, but the kitchen is serious about Shanghainese classics, as demonstrated by the new Chinese name and the Shanghainese menu that moves the “mian” dishes towards the rear.

There are apparently three ti pang/pork knuckle (pump) offerings. This one pounder is the “small” at $10, and it is a solid rendition. The skin was not too gelatinous, with the fat mostly rendered off, and the flesh was tender, but not mush, with the sauce not sickeningly sweet. Seeing Lake Spring is a mere shadow of its former self, Tasty XXX House, with its staff full of friendly Shanghaiers, is a great alternative to the Sichuan invasion.

Meal for 2 fams clocks in at ~$60, with leftovers, naturally. YMMV on the BYO.

Tasty House
621 W Main St


this reminds me is there anywhere that does smoked Pomfret, the imported shit I guess ???

I haven’t heard of pork pump in some time, but I remember the same restaurant served that plus smoked pompfret.

it might have been a restaurant that was called Shanghai Garden or something like that.