Donut Farm, Silver Lake

Gave this place a shot this afternoon.

The idea of “vegan” donuts was initially a turnoff but, after thinking about what actually goes into a donut, decided their approach shouldn’t necessarily result in a flavor deficit.

Seems they’re a branch of a Bay Area chain called Pepples Donuts. Somewhat pricey @ $3.50 a pop for a small donut - that’s high for a donut, right? - but they certainly were tasty. Most appeared to be cake donuts as opposed to raised yeast donuts, which is fine since I prefer cake. Mmmmm… cake.

Ordered the coconut, Mexican hot chocolate, blueberry and vanilla. All were very good, rich cake and crispy on the outside, but the Mexican hot chocolate was definitely the standout. You can really taste the cinnamon and a hint of chile.

Donut Farm
2609 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026


Yeah, pretty tasty and vegan too. I really enjoyed the Philz coffee donut. I think CoFax is doing the best donuts right now but Donut Farm was quite tasty.

Was not a fan of the strawberry fritter, kinda of chewy.