Donut Man strawberry donuts are back (2.18.16)

I think somebody mentioned this the other day but just confirming. The strawberries are obviously at the beginning on the season but still tasty.


I’m guessing the strawberries must be coming from Mexico. It’s still too early in Southern California to grow good strawberries.

I think strawbs are growing in SoCal. The Sunday Mar Vista FM had strawbs offered at a couple of the usual stands on V-day. Assuming that the stands are playing by the rules (the FM manager is very strict as well), they are most likely local.

This extended run of warm to hot weather might be the reason. Out of the 12 months, I only recall a short period - usually the coldest period between January and February of about four to six weeks - where strawberries aren’t at the Westside FMs. This cold weather pattern just hasn’t played out this winter. Harry’s Berries usually is devoid of their prized berries the longest for obvious reasons.

It’s possible that they would come from close to the Mexican border or from greenhouse. But I don’t think there’s enough warmth and sunshine for the fruits to develop the proper amount of sugar. I could be wrong.

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You’re probably right about that. The quality of the strawberries are subpar when they are offered coming out of winter. White shoulders and hardly any fragrance.

Local strawberries are definitely available. Harry’s Berries (Oxnard) is back at the Venice famers market as of last week. The berries aren’t quite as sweet as they will be in the summer, but they’re still pretty darned good.

Thanks. Didn’t think they’d have any berries until close to spring. I can walk to that FM on Fridays. Thanks again.

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I went last night, and I gotta say I wasn’t too pleased with the strawberry donut this time around; I noticed an unpleasant artificial taste in the strawberry glaze, like an artificial sweetener I haven’t noticed before. What about you?

The tiger tail was as delicious as always, though :slightly_smiling:

I only had a very small piece of the strawberry donut but didn’t taste any artificial type sweetener but that one bite was very sweet - much sweeter than I remember. But keep in mind I inhaled a glazed old fashion in approximately 7 seconds and went back for a large portion of tiger tail. At this point I might have been in anaphylactic shock so I may not be a great judge.

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strawberry donuts are back.

in other news, I brought 6 in this morning to work and there are still 4 left…



… Then you must work at a modeling agency.


So you ate 2?


Next time, give me your work address. I will be there, extra napkins in hand!

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end of day result, 3 whole strawberry donuts left.

what the fuck can I do with the strawberries? if nobody has any ideas, they’re getting cut up onto yogurt.

Strawberry donut smoothie with vanilla ice cream cuz smoothies are healthy.


carry them in your pocket and give them out gleefully to passers by.

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What a nice highlight for the great folks who run the Donut Man. The owners are such wonderful and sweet people. I used to frequent them when we lived in the IE…my staff at work loved it when I stopped by and brought breakfast in.


Even their non-strawberry/peach donuts are fantastic. A treasure.