"Doodies" - food dudes

Former CH pikawicca shared this on FB this morning. A round of chuckles has ensued from Alan Barnes, Scargod and me.

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And then,” she adds, the horror of it all still fresh in her voice, “he wanted to have sex.”


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The women in that piece are as awful as the men. They deserve each other.

That was my favorite part :slight_smile:

@robert I have dang near every ‘toy’ that any guy has so IMneverHO this isn’t gender-specific :slight_smile:

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It’s not having a lot of tools per se but the attitude toward them:

You are building something. It’s like wood shop, you have tools and gadgets, it’s like a garage; and in the end there’s a finished project.

The focus should be on pleasing the people you’re eating with, and yourself. The necessary craft is just a means to that end.

I don’t entirely agree. I enjoy the process of cooking. I like learning about new ingredients and new procedures. Sometimes I’m not thrilled with the end result (last night’s jackfruit nachos are a prime example), but I usually have a good time in the kitchen regardless.

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I read this as humorous and not factual. YMMV :slight_smile:

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I agree with all that, but when you’re cooking for someone else, that’s the priority. Maybe your mate or family have to put up with being guinea pigs once in a while, but be considerate.

So you’re saying for the cook to be considerate?

If it’s fictional, the author has a tediously sexist imagination. Erma Bombeck was funny in her day, but that was a long, long time ago.

To me, it would be easy to remove the gender ‘thing’ entirely and it’s amusing. That’s kinda how I read it.

Oh, sure. If I’m feeding other people, I stick to what I think they’ll like. (But to be honest, that’s not only about pleasing them. It’s also about wanting to them to think I’m a decent cook.)

As to the article, I checked out at “intrinsically, classically male.” I do not believe anything is “intrinsically, classically male,” nor do I believe that "when women cook, (it’s) in terms of nurturing someone.” That gave me flashbacks to 80’s-era Elayne Boosler: Amirite, ladies? Amirite?

If the article had been about people across the gender spectrum who like to geek out in the kitchen, I’d be smiling and nodding. As written, not so much.

I totally agree with you and would have done it as you describe. But I thought it was silly enough to enjoy.

This brings up another issue (not that I’m implying you do this, your comment simply made me think of it).

On so many cooking websites women comment that they don’t cook certain foods because “DH” doesn’t like it. No fish or beans or vegetables other than peas or potatoes, or whatever. This really bugs me. Why do they let their husbands decide what’s for dinner every night?


I’ll jump on THIS bandwagon! And I hate “DH.” I’m totally with you. They’re no longer toddlers. If they don’t like something, then cook what they do like. (I mean THEY can cook what THEY like.) And for those who say “DH won’t eat leftovers,” my reply is that he’s going to get pretty darn hungry around here." :slight_smile: Whew. Thanks. I feel better. lol.

I edited to make more sense.

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That’s very foreign to me, but Medium Size H & I are unusual. We eat different things, and at different times. If I happen to be making something he likes, I make enough for both of us, but we cook for ourselves about 90% of the time.


Now that’s interesting to me. Do you have different schedules or preferences for ‘dinner time’? What’s an example of something each of you doesn’t prefer to eat? Bob and I are lucky. Even the things we don’t like are the same: Brussel sprouts, cucumbers and cantaloupe!

He eats very few vegetables, and I don’t eat any mammals or birds. And even when the food overlaps, the preparation sometimes does not. He likes his fish a lot more well-done than I do, for example. And both of us mostly work from home, so we don’t feel the need to set aside meal-time as together-time. We’re together almost all the time anyway.


Bob used to travel for business an enormous amount of the time. Now that we’re retired I don’t mind alone meal time occasionally.

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That’s us. We came home from a trip this morning and too lagged to go out and buy fresh food. We made do with what we had on hand.

I made a pot of chicken congee. She a spicy hot pot of stuff. She had some of my congee, I passed on her creation.

Just woke up at 3pm. About to go out and buy some pig tails. Making some pig tail and peanut soup for dinner tonight. We both love tail, will use big pot.

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