Dragon Beaux

I wish there was a place like this in LA

har gow

squid ink dumplings

not meat

spicy seafood dumplings

roasted duck burrito

sugar puff

crispy shrimp paste donut rice crepe roll

rice crepe


bbq pork bao

egg tart

shiu mai

roasted pork belly, as good as it fucking looks

glutinous pillow #gluttonpositive

Another viist:

glutinous pillows

pan-seared daikon cake

har gow

steamed live scallop with garlic and black bean sauce

pork xlb


XO pan seared rice crepe roll

jumbo scallop shiu mai

crab roe shui mai

Black bean sauce spare ribs

roasted pork belly

Baked purple yam bao

jumbo scallop shiu mai

roasted pork belly salad

baked purple yam bao #purpleisafruit
I think this is what it would look like if Barney pooped out a pineapple bun.

abalone tart
this was tremendous, it tasted just like a buttery, flaky chicken pot pie, only with a tender piece of delicious abalone on top.

glutinous pillow

shrimp dumplings

pan seared daikon cake


foie gras and black truffle fried rice
unfortunately this sounded better than it tasted, the rice was surprisingly dry with no wok hei and was overwhelmed with truffle oil.

Still my favo dim sum in san frisco and cali.

bbq pork bao

abalone tart

jumbo scallop shiu mai

stuffed eggplant


roasted pork belly

har gow

abalone, chicken sticky rice in lotus leaf

pan seared live spot prawns

purple yam bao

Dragon Beaux
5700 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 333-8899


I guess I’ll have to try that place.

Our family liked this place better than Koi Palace.

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I liked this place better than anywhere in LA.


Yeah I am going to have to hit that up when in SF.

How was the pricing?

High end for dim sum.


I eat dim sum for breakfast. Their hours are a deal breaker for me. And it is expensive. And the name is ridiculous IMneverHO.

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Forgot to mention there are no carts, you mainly order off the menu but there are servers walking around with food items.

Well, that’s a plus. I far prefer menus rather than carts.

I’m not really in the dim sum game, but will be up in SF. Sort of curious what makes this far superior to places like Sea Harbour in LA?

Good question. Let’s see what chandavki has to say.

For me, it’s the quality and their ability to execute all the traditional dishes well and also offer a variety of non-traditonal dishes you don’t normally see at dim sum.

You’re also not eating in some carpeted banquet hall, if you care about that sort of thing.

And that roasted pork belly…

I agree with you. Do you prefer Dragon Beaux to Koi Palace (despite the common lineage?)

i prefer dragon beaux, mainly because i’ve had better success actually getting a table at DB than KP.

When you made a reservation at Dragon Beaux, was it for a busy time, and did they seat you promptly?

Koi Palace pretends to take reservations, but unlike Yank Sing they don’t honor them.

Dragon Beaux is the truth. Their hot pot dinners are pretty good too, but you have to have the taste for HK Cantonese style “da bin lo” to appreciate it. It can add up, since they charge for each item, and you can kick it up multiple notches by adding various seafood, in addition to the typical thin meat slices.

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i’ve only made reservations for their opening time, which they honored. I haven’t tried their “priority waitlist”.

Which places have you gone in LA, and which dim sum items at Dragon Beaux are “non-traditional”?

With the caveat that I have not gone to Dragon Beaux, looks like SF prices, but otherwise doesn’t look that remarkable (though the prices are certainly high, even compared to the higher end places in LA).

elite, sea harbour, dtf.

items from the specials section, mushroom and truffle bao, abalone tart, duck burrito, xlb, desserts…

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Fish Chip Red Rice Roll, XO Pan Seared Rice Roll…

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