Dried or Frozen Hominy (Posole) or Your Best Mexican Food Tips or Questions

Many years ago, I bought dried posole at Surfas but they stopped carrying it. Then I found frozen posole at Alberston’s on Venice and Culver but you know - they’re gone. I have tried multiple stores, including some Latino leaning grocers and can not find posole. I won’t use the canned stuff. Anyone know where I can find it?

It seems like Northgate Market in Culver City would have to carry it. I rely on them for my Mexican ingredients. You might want to give them a call first.

Northgate Market
4700 Inglewood Blvd
Culver City, CA 90230
Main Phone: (310) 390-9639
Hours: 6:00 AM - 10:30 PM

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Already tried them. No luck. Thanks for the reply. I should have noted that I live in Culver City.

It might be a seasonal item? I know I’ve seen frozen posole at Ralph’s during the holidays.

Any Mexican market should have dried posole and cal.

So far, I have been to two in Culver City with no luck, along with standard market chains. But thank you.

Chile Secos at GCM

Alameda Swap Meet

El Mercado de Los Angeles

The mercados in Pico Union, Boyle Heights/East LA, etc.

Try Superior Grocers in Hawthorne but Northgate in CC should have it, it’s the same corn you use to make tortillas just not ground up. You could ask where they make them by the front of the store if they have some to sell.

For my own edification, what’s wrong with canned? All my Latino friends use it.

Cookbook in Echo Park (just outside of Dodger Stadium) carries Rancho Gordo dried hominy, all organic too.

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I don’t think the texture is good. I started eating posole in Santa Fe, and I’m pretty sure the great places there soak and then cook the hominy. The style is not the same here and I don’t like it, so I make my own.

Thank you but sometimes I just can’t wait till New Years!

I have tried a couple but only in Culver City. Thank you.

I don’t hang in that area often but what the hell, I can go and stock up. Thanks a lot.

I’ve seen it not only at my Latino market but also the Safeway at Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe. I’d think your area would be awash in it. Odd.

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Confirmed sighting at El Camaguey at Venice and Veteran.

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i buy it at vallarta supermarkets.

And Rancho Gordo does direct delivery via mail, if one is interested . . . and not so put off by the high prices that another chunk of change for shipping isn’t a big deal.

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Does RG not have a local retail outlet in LA?

It’s an interesting product as it’s nixtamalized and then dried.

Now that you mention it Farmshop at the Brentwood Country Mart sell quite a bit of Ranch Gordo. Don’t know specifically if they have the Pozole -but it’s worth a call.